Volume 96, Issue 13
Thursday September 19, 2002

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Trapped in a room with hippy bastards

From the far lane
Emmett McFarlane
News Editor

It can be very difficult to write a column that makes some degree of sense when trapped in a room primarily filled with left-wing hippies.

Not everyone at The Gazette falls into this category, so lets just play it safe and say that universities, in general, have more than their fair share of socialist, tree-hugging, special interest-promoting, tax-loving, money-hating idealists.

Not being part of this category can put one in a difficult position. You have to stick to, and defend, certain principles. Capital punishment is a good idea, high taxes suck, too much government is even worse, and so on.

Of course, any one of these opinions could get you labeled a right-wing fascist by a surprisingly large number of people on campus.

Once labeled as a right-winger, if you don't laugh at the poor, disagree with the idea of a tactical nuclear strike on Iraq or even think of criticizing something Mike Harris did, the labelers go into shock.

That's not to say people on the other side of the political spectrum aren't guilty of pasting labels. Try to suggest being right-wing while also being pro-choice and some ultra-religious yahoo's head will explode.

But aside from the religious nuts, it is the pro-union, feminist, welfare-lovers (notice all those labels) who are often inflicted with a particular flaw: over-sensitivity.

What if you wrote that you wished Canada hanged, fried or gassed murderers? The whole "two wrongs" speech would quickly grow tiring, but more importantly, some groups would want you censored for promoting violence.

Before I'm accused of being over-sensitive myself, let me get to the point. Political correctness, the disease unleashed onto the western world by leftist bastards, is what the leftists themselves are supposed to abhor: censorship.

Lets say I produce a TV show entitled "Women, Food and Porn."

Naturally, the religious-right would be in an uproar. But a ton of criticism would also stem from the left – the champions of civil rights and free speech – who would want to stop production of the show because, according to them, it restricts the role of women in society.

Even professional wrestling is subject to censorship in Canada after being attacked for its sexual innuendo and violence by both the social conservatives and the leftists (a tag team of stupidity).

So here's one more label for you: socialist equals hypocrite.






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