Volume 96, Issue 13
Thursday September 19, 2002

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Gym clothes? Not at this school

Betweeen lines
Tait Simpson
Opinions Editor

Like any good party, Western's reputation precedes it.

In most places across Canada, people have heard of Western and what it stands for. You can't change what people think of Western; for the most part, they've already made up their minds. It is with his in mind that I've been reading the words of my fellow editors over the last two weeks.

Apparently, the powers that be think enough columns can somehow change the state of affairs at Western. If only we had that much power.

People choose a school for what it stands for. For the most part, everyone here had the choice to go somewhere else. If they wanted a small town atmosphere where the kids smoke the hippie lettuce in the forest outside their residence, they could have gone to Bishops. For that matter, Lakehead, Memorial and the University of Saskatchewan are all still accepting applications.

Ryan Dixon, The Gazette's less than fashionable managing editor, had the following to say to students on our campus: "Since it's painfully obvious you're so vain you can't be spotted on campus wearing your old gym clothes from Grade 11, you negate any chance that someone could take you seriously."

There's a reason those clothes are Grade 11 gym clothes – they were suppose to be left in Grade 11. At least look credible so people will take you seriously. If you really can't take yourself out of those Grade 11 gym clothes, go to Mount Allison where all three of the bars in town will be happy to let you in with such clothes because everyone else is wearing the same thing.

I've heard many a teenager and young adult come to Western and comment on how much better a party is in this town than at their own school or local pub. There's a reason for this and it's the same reason the alumni lineup at The Ceeps on Homecoming Saturday is already bustling by 5 p.m. – this town has tradition.

I would venture to say that many students decided to come to Western, in part, because of its social life and that doesn't just mean the weekends.

Other Gazette staff have wandered into the fray as well. Jordan Bell, one of our sports editors, asked in his recent column: "Why do I go to bars when not wearing a collared shirt for guys and a tube top for girls is a capital offense punishable by the death penalty?"

I'm sorry you have to wait a little while in a line with a clean shirt on, but I'd rather do that than experience the alternative – schools where there are no lines because the same thing people were wearing in the afternoon is what they're wearing at two in morning.

My point isn't "we're right and other schools are wrong." My point is students knew how it was going to be before they got here.

Wearing your gym clothes and not waiting in a short line will not work as a form of protest –you won't change Western. There are thousands of alumni coming back this weekend who would be happy to attest to that. They didn't change the school; they contributed to it and enjoyed it.

Homecoming at Western is upon us and it's the ultimate celebration of all that is good and right about our fair school. Embrace Western's culture, don't ridicule the way your fellow students behave – you knew what you were getting into.






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