Volume 96, Issue 14
Friday, September 20, 2002

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Corduroy: still a few wrinkles to work out

By Dale Wyatt
Gazette Staff

Gazette file photo

NO, I'M TELLING YOU MAN, RINGO IS THE COOLEST ONE! The guys in Corduroy on the verge of a Death Match over their favourite Beatle.

Corduroy as a fabric may have gone out of style, but that has had no effect on the Western band of the same name – they continue to survive, but there have been some changes.

The most significant change the band has undergone is the loss of two of its founding members, Andrew Hummel and Adrienne Lloyd, explains Michael Windover, the group's frontman.

"This summer we had a bit of a shake up. Two old members are gone and we added a new one. So we have changed from a five piece to a four piece," Windover says.

This change has resulted in a slight adjustment in both the group's sound and dynamics.

"It does sound different with four people instead of five. It's more consolidated. Now we have four egos instead of five. Plus, we only have three song writers instead of four. I think it sounds good, but I'll leave it to London to decide. We have only played one show with this line up so it should be interesting," Windover says.

However, fans of the band's old material need not worry. "We will still be playing the old songs as well as a fair amount of new material – it's a good mix," Windover explains.

Windover is quick to explain that it was by no means a messy breakup, but rather a parting of friends who are going in different directions.

"They [the two parting members] both graduated and were away for the summer teaching at a rock 'n' roll camp. They are just in different places in their lives right now. Plus, musically, they are both moving in different directions. They don't know what they're doing," he says.

The band has had some success selling 500 copies of their debut EP Yup and playing in both Toronto and London on a regular basis.

Windover said he feels the next step is for the group to record a full length record.

"We want to record at Chemical Sound [Studios, in Toronto]. It is the same place that Sloan did. Actually, the same guy that did them seems to be into us," says Windover.

Unfortunately, this will not be as easy as they would like, as the band lacks the money.

"It's so expensive to record an entire album. We have applied for a grant, so hopefully we'll get it."

When asked why they would not seek a label to help them cover the costs, Windover shrugs off the idea.

"It's in our best interest to stay Indie until we [become] a marketable item. It's really easy to get signed and just as easy to get screwed over and dropped. You need to build a name for yourself first."

One important aspect of building a name involves touring, something Corduroy has yet to accomplish.

"We're thinking about touring next summer. We have to finish school first and it's not for sure. It's just one of a few possibilities," says Windover. "I'm really trying to find myself right now."

Corduroy play at the Grad Club tonight. Doors are at 9:00 p.m..


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