Volume 96, Issue 14
Friday, September 20, 2002

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Acid for breakfast, still no job

Re: "It's advertising, not the force," Sept. 17

To the Editor:

The Gazette staff has sunk to a new journalistic low. How dare you welcome the plague of evil corporations that has recently infected campus with its dirty money?

What's next? Will you corporate slaves begin advocating the clubbing of baby seals as part of Shinerama? Perhaps playing blackjack with orphans is more your game, hmmm? Don't make me quote Jeremy Bentham...

Why if I wasn't so high from the big fatty I just smoked, I'd come down there and start a sit-in in your office – afterall, no one will hire me because I look like a hobo, so I don't even have a job. Damn corporations! You people make me sick to my stomach – no wait, my mistake – I just haven't showered in a while... or maybe it was all that acid I ate for breakfast.

You people should be ashamed. I came to university to be a free-thinker. I want to be told how to think by dead white guys instead of the still-living ones wearing Gucci suits and working somewhere on Madison avenue who are misogynists... er, for some reason.

Your editorial will only serve to make us slaves in Microsoft's corporate agenda. You have a responsibility as Western's student newspaper to publish what I want to hear, not what is "logical" or "reasonable by any sane point of view."

So what if that money is funding all those things left-wing people like me ramble on and on about, like art and other junk that doesn't generate respectable employment? We can't put corporations in the position where they can dip their fingers into the education system. That's like putting a fat kid in charge of cookies!

Mark my words, this is a slippery slope – the next thing you know we'll live in a right-wing hell where babies will be smoking cigarettes, people will have neat and tidy haircuts and people like me will be forced into silence because we're too busy being employed to sit around and complain all the time.

Bryce Gatsby
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