Volume 96, Issue 14
Friday September 20, 2002

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SOCCER (Women's)

RUGBY (Women's)




Women's Volleyball - Alumni Game @ 7 pm


Women's Rugby - Laurier @ 1 pm

Men's Football - McMaster @ 2 pm

Men's Baseball - Toronto @ 3 pm

Men's Basketball - Alumni Game @ 7 pm

Women's Tennis - York and Toronto (all day)


Rowing - UWO Invitational (all day)

LAST UPDATED: Friday, September 20, 2002 - 4:30 p.m.

Western versus McMaster - what more could you ask for?

It's going to be an emotional return for former Mustangs great and current head coach of the McMaster University football team Greg Marshall, as his team rolls into TD Waterhouse Stadium this weekend for the Homecoming classic.

Honouring part of the Mustang family

The Homecoming football game on Saturday will be filled with fervor and remembrance. Last week's tragic deaths of former Mustangs football player Michael Kirkley and his wife Dr. Sandy Kirkley will cause emotions to run very high on Saturday afternoon.


Old Guard: Big shot Stephen Brunt

Strangely enough, most of my Homecoming memories are a little hazy surely a function of age and not alcohol. While at The Gazette, I didn't cover sports at all. My short career there was as a music writer, which is the path that eventually led me to The Globe and Mail.



Small town boy makes good
Grozelle cornerstone of 'Stangs basketball

Sixteen years ago a director by the name of David Anspaugh created an epic basketball movie entitled Hoosiers about a smalltown in Indiana enthralled with their high school basketball team (the Hickory Huskers) and their widely revered basketball god, Jimmy Chipwood.

Jimmy Grozelle, the pint-sized Western Mustangs point guard and captain, was only seven when the film hit the theaters, but the similarities between Grozelle and Chipwood are eerie


Clay Warner will warm your innards

Behind every big operation there is someone who pulls the strings from behind the scenes, but never gets the recognition they deserve. For the Western Mustangs football team, that man is Clay Warner.


Richter the "King Kong" of defensive lineman

The popular knock on modern athletes today is that they are spoiled, self-centred and egotistical. Western's football captain Graig Richter cannot be described by any of these adjectives.



Western soccer's little Italy

It's no wonder Cristina Bonasia plays soccer.

"I come from a big Italian family," Bonasia said. "I started playing soccer in my grandpa's backyard."


The Gambling Man

After The Gambling Man's pearls of delusional wisdom went to print last week, Adam Clausner, one of our readers, wrote our resident betting man a letter. He said most of The Gambler's picks were "based on actual garbage" and sent in his own. Last week, Clausner finished 1-2 and our newspaper's vagabond finished 2-1. This week, we pit their football "knowlege" head to head.


Round Table Discussion:
Why don't they just give it up?

Some athletes don't know when to call it quits. With the recent retirement of former New York Knicks' center Patrick Ewing, The Gazette sports section pondered the question of which past professional athletes hung on too long and who needs to bow out gracefully now, before hip replacement surgeries and denture bills start rolling in.


Big, bad, baseball player gets beat up by wife

LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif. (AP) Actress Tawny Kitaen agreed Wednesday to a plea bargain on spousal abuse and battery charges alleging she attacked her husband, St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Chuck Finley.