Volume 96, Issue 15
Tuesday, September 24, 2002

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Drunks and terrible nudity

By Chris Webden
Gazette Staff

It was an exciting weekend in the Forest City, as an estimated 10,000 Western alumni joined forces with 30,000 undergraduate students to participate in the drunken festival of football and fun known as Homecoming.

According to Const. Paul Martin, the public information officer for the London Police Department, 65 tickets were handed out for offenses ranging from outdoor liquor consumption, public noise, to driving under the influence of alcohol.

"[The LPD] would probably have handed out more [tickets] if not for the weather," Martin said, noting the heavy rain may have contributed to keeping people indoors and not out participating in drunken revelry.

The action continued on campus, as a higher than normal number of alcohol related tickets were handed out by a higher than normal number of University Police Department officers.

"We like to prepare for Homecoming by increasing our number of staff," said UPD spokesperson Wendy McGowan.

In alcohol related events, a girl was rushed from Delaware Hall residence to University Hospital after being found in her dorm room asleep and non-responsive, McGowan said. The girl was treated for excessive alcohol consumption.

On Saturday, two men were charged with trespassing after entering TD Waterhouse Stadium and proceeding to run around the football field wearing nothing but hats and jockstraps. Besides momentarily interrupting the game, the horrifying image of the two hooligans may forever haunt the nightmares of fans.

In non-alcohol related news, two more bicycles were stolen this weekend. One was stolen in front of Delaware Hall on Friday and the other was stolen from outside of Saugeen-Maitland Hall residence on Sunday, McGowan said.

On Saturday, the UPD and London Humane Society were called to the Alumni Hall parking lot by a concerned student who saw a dog locked in the back seat of a car. The dog was taken from its owners, but was later returned, McGowan said.

Also on Saturday, a dormitory room at King's College was entered through an unlocked window. The occupant's laptop computer was stolen, McGowan said. There was no word as to whether the computer contained pornography, academic content, secret files for the Russians or a combination of the three.

Overall, Homecoming 2002 went by smoothly, McGowan said. "We are happy that there were no major injuries or occurrences," she added.


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