Volume 96, Issue 15
Tuesday, September 24, 2002

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How is "Mary-Jane" uniquely Canadian?

Re: "What is Canadian culture," Sept. 19

To the Editor:

When reading our paper, it always surprises me how The Gazette chooses to represent Western students' "real side" by inserting at least one swear word to emphasize a point.

If you truly feel that a curse word or two is needed to make your point stronger, I can't deny that you may have a reason behind your intuitions. However, including Mary-Jane as a unique part of Canadian culture? Please! Beer is unique to Canada and the U.S. when compared to all other "cultures" but, marijuana?

Again, you are attempting to intensify an opinion with words that the majority of Western students are supposed to love – sh*t, a-hole, marijuana (though, for one, my agreement with your opinion doesn't increase when reading these magical words).

North America as a whole is famous for its breweries, with Europe administering Heineken and hard liquors. But drugs, my friend, are an unfortunate GLOBAL culture. If we're talking about the strength of drugs as a cultural signifier, would Hollywood pop-star culture list cocaine as an attribute? Germany has marijuana too, but is it noted for "having more strength?"

Beer, again, is truly a North American hype, but marijuana is NOT a specifically a Canadian or North American trait!

A post-it for the future science leader of today who rolls papers as she writes them: you will have more serious health problems than drinking could give ya – unless you don't consider proper breathing, heart rate or throat-feel to be more important than your liver?

Lung transplants are hard to come by. With as many canons as this girl attests to be smoking, she'll get lung cancer in the end, no doubts at all. Consider that a single dubie is the equivalent to a full pack of cigarettes in terms of its lung-damaging factor and that almost a third of my former party friends have had lung cancer scares already.

Maybe you should be studying these facts instead of the potency of marijuana.

Jen Clarke
M.T.P. I













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