Volume 96, Issue 6
Friday September 6, 2002

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A&E: stuff, things and everything else

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By Maggie Wrobel
Gazette Staff

Oh, joy! With a new school year comes a new Gazette staff!

In the Arts & Entertainment section, you guys are hereby blessed with three freaks who will be your slaves to all things fun.

But seriously, Megan, Dale and myself are committed to providing you with information on the coolest and latest in music, movies, theatre, television, books, porn, Internet sites and much more.

We are here for you, so if there is something you're not seeing in these pages that you feel we should be covering, by all means, let us know by e-mailing us at gazette.entertainment@uwo.ca or, better yet, bum rush our office in Rm. 263 of the University Community Centre and make your voice heard.

As for who we are...

Dale Wyatt is a veteran of both The Gazette (this is his second year as an A&E editor) as well as London's music scene (he plays bass in Angry Agency, a group of local punk-rock heroes). He has a dry sense of humor, laid-back nature and an opinion on basically everything under the sun.

Megan O'Toole is a walking contradiction. She looks like a sorority girl, but could probably kick your ass quite easily. She loves hardcore bands like Korn and System of a Down. Also, she has met many cool bands, making her The Gazette's very own Penny Lane.

Then there's me – Maggie Wrobel. The main claim around here is that I am "too nice" and that I "like everything." I like to think I'm open-minded and friendly. I like many kinds of music, but am generally all about "the rock." I love the Watchmen, the White Stripes and Holly McNarland. Also, I dream of Matthew Good every night.

So that's us in a nutshell (it's one of those big nuts). We have lots of cool things planned for you for the upcoming year. Check out some of our ideas for new features below. And if you think those suck, there's really only one way to change them – come in and volunteer, smartass.

If you're still wary, keep in mind that we do have free stuff to offer.

Virgin Music has put out a new Campus Sessions 2002-03 sampler, featuring popular artists such as Swollen Members, as well as cool new tracks by 30 Seconds to Mars (look for our feature article on them on p. 11) and others. If you come up to our office anytime starting today and answer this question, we'll hook you up with one of these CDs, and information on how to join our dark realm:

"What popular, but short-lived, TV show did the lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars star in?"

Hint: It's something we here at The Gazette quite obviously do not have.

And that's only the beginning. Once you've become ensnared in our web of evil – or, rather, our happy world of Arts & Entertainment – you will be able to snag free shit on a regular basis.

Do you like reading? Come on up and volunteer to review a book and we'll let you keep the book (at the same time as you build your impressive journalism portfolio).

Of course, everyone likes eating. So why not review one of London's finest restaurants? This comes with the privilege of a free meal. Not bad, eh?

Whether it's music, movies, food or books, A&E is the place where you can get your fix. So, at the risk of beating a dead horse, allow us to implore you once again: come up to Rm. 263 of the UCC and volunteer!


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