Volume 96, Issue 6
Friday September 6, 2002

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"The Rock" is back

file photo/Gazette

By Dale Wyatt
Gazette Staff

This Saturday marks a big day for London's music scene. Fourteen bands will come together to bring the third installment and return of Aggression night to The Embassy.

"Aggression is a 14 band festival that blends all kinds of styles of music to showcase London talent," explained Brandon Eedy, the show's organizer.

Eedy got the idea to do a large event after noticing the dropping attendance rate at local shows.

"I was looking at shows and the turnout seemed to be declining, so I wanted to do something about it," Eedy said.

Being heavily involved in the local scene and having so many friends who play in bands, Eedy made many phone calls and took the initiative to arrange what turned out to be a great concert.

"I held the first show in January and it attracted just over 360 people. After that, people recommended that I do another 'cause they had such a great time," Eedy explained.

The second installment was held in May and attracted 447 people, a significant jump from the first. It also proved that the show had created a following. This Saturday will be the third and possibly biggest one yet.

Labatt's has even decided to sponsor the concert, Eedy said. "[Labatt's is] taking care of the advertising, doing giveaways and they will be selling Aggression T-shirts."

There is no question – the show was created to bring together London's hidden talent. However, Eedy also said he thinks it provides a perfect platform for new people in London to meet other people who are into similar kinds of music.

"Where else can you find 500 people who are all into the same music as you?" he asked.

Bennett McCowan plays in Off The Mark, a band that played in the last Aggression concert, said he is excited to be part of it again.

"Brandon Eedy does a great job, so this one should be good. It is really organized which is nice 'cause a lot of the time the promoter sucks and doesn't do anything. But, with Brandon it is always good," McCowan stated.

Andrew Van Der Hoeven, who attended the first two events, said he is looking forward to this Saturday.

"[The bands] are pretty much the best London has to offer. Plus Eedy is pressuring me into going," he said.

The show is being headlined by Jersey and features local acts like Blue Skies at War, Acacia, Hard To Say, Off The Mark and many more.

Aggression III rocks The Embassy Saturday night. Tickets are $7 in advance and $10 at the door, which opens at 7:30 p.m.. For ticket information call 434-6604.


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