Volume 96, Issue 6
Friday September 6, 2002

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Trading spaces in the UCC: businesses play "musical chairs"

By Kelly Marcella
Gazette Staff

For those students returning to Western this fall, you may notice a few changes to the University Community Centre.

Many of the familiar places in the UCC have relocated to create a more efficient centre for students.

According to University Students' Council general manager Mark Sellars, the majority of the moves are completed, with new and more cost efficient locations for many UCC based businesses.

"We love it, everything looks great," said Artifex manager Marie Bennett, adding the move has made their store much more cost-efficient.

Artifex had previously determined their use of space was inefficient and thus are very pleased with the relocation, Bennett said.

The relocation of Purple Door Promotions has been a positive move for the business, said Shari McIntyre, promotions assistant for Purple Door.

"We enjoyed our move, our office is much more functional," said McIntyre, noting she hoped the new location would make their office much more obvious.

According to Elke Jukna, supervisor at the Post Office, it will take people a little while to get used to the office's new location.

"I think [people] are a little confused, but in a little while, we'll be fine," Jukna said.

"There's a plan to have additional recreational space in the area that Artifex and Imprint held previously," said Dan Smith, director of Sports and Recreation Services. He said they hope to increase space for areas that are currently at maximum capacity, such as their cardio room. However, plans are not yet finalized for utilization of the space.

In other summer construction on campus, the widening of University Drive bridge was completed as scheduled, with a few minor details yet to be finalized, said associate vice-president of Physical Plant and Capital Planning Services Dave Riddell, adding the new bridge is wider for both pedestrians and vehicles.

Other areas of campus are also under construction, with the completion of the D. B. Weldon Library expansion, a new residence building on Western Road, as well as other new faculty buildings set to be constructed before next fall, Riddell said.

Your quick guide to "musical chairs" in the UCC:

Artifex is now located in the basement of the UCC across from Hair Masters

Imprint is now located in the basement of UCC next to Travel Cuts

The Post Office is located at the back of the new Artifex store

Purple Door Promotions is located on the second floor of the UCC near Gazette Advertising


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