Volume 96, Issue 6
Friday September 6, 2002

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Five contenders: who will be the next big thing?

By Maggie Wrobel & Dale Wyatt
Gazette Staff

The Weekend:
A growing buzz has followed this local pop-rock band since their humble beginnings in 1995, and The Weekend are poised to make a true impact on the national rock scene this fall. Their sound is reminiscent of hot rock artists of the past, including Blondie and the GoGos, largely due to their sweet vocal harmonies, with new-wave keyboards, drums and two guitars adding a hard rockin' backbone. The Weekend have been collecting accolades all summer long, including winning the grand prize (25 hours of recording time) at this year's New Music West festival. Check out their brand new EP, Teaser and be sure to listen for the hidden track.


Hot Hot Heat:
As a new-found wave of hype carries previously unnoticed rock artists such as The White Stripes into the spotlight, it is inevitable that a bunch of crap will come with it. Thankfully, Canada's contribution to this trademarked new rock revolution is one of the coolest bands to surface in a long time. Hot Hot Heat's sound is rooted in untouchable rock tradition, with comparisons to U2 and The Cure being made every time lead singer Steve Bays opens his mouth. The band's gritty, yet catchy, rock sound is bound to get them lots of attention this fall as they tour across Canada, stopping at London's Call the Office on Sept. 27.


This rap outfit from Hamilton, Ontario is sure to take Canada by force. The group's debut album, Gross Domestic Product, is hands down one of the most progressive albums in a long time. It is rap, hip-hop and funk all merged into one. Warsawpack's slow hypnotic beats are matched by singer Lee Raback, who has the ability to convey raw emotion through powerful, intelligent lyrics, and his unique trembling voice. The band is hitting the road with the Pocket Dwellers and will be in London at Call the Office on Sept. 28.


Blue Skies at War:
This melodic London band hit the scene with great force. Their aggressive, intense live performances have earned them a strong reputation and a lot of respect within the local scene and abroad. For this reason, they play often and are always exciting to see. The band's sound mixes elements from emo and punk to create a diverse set, attracting fans from a variety of backgrounds. Blue Skies at War is playing tomorrow night at The Embassy.

Ruth's Hat:
The majority of people who are into the local music scene and have been in London for a while have heard the name Ruth's Hat at some point. This power-pop outfit is one of London's most inoffensive bands. They enjoy covering all kinds of styles of music, from old rap to country. There is a great emphasis placed on harmonies and creating music that simply makes you want to dance. This is another band that can be seen playing frequently at Call The Office in London.



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