Volume 96, Issue 6
Friday September 6, 2002

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Welcome Back Western

The student ghetto is bumping, professors are ironing their blazers and Housing and sophs just can't seem to see eye to eye – school is officially back in session.

Whether you're sporting a purple bracelet and a hang-over or sitting back with your feet up, secure in the knowledge you know the university game inside and out, The Gazette would like to welcome you to the 96th edition of our humble student newspaper.

For the coming year, we will try to fill these pages with relevant, objective stories that may even border on entertaining from time to time. In case you missed it, we are a student newspaper. In case you're really in the dark, you are a student. The correlation here is that we exist to serve your needs by informing you about what is going on in and around your campus and community.

As you have probably guessed by now, the student theme runs deep at The Gazette. We are run by dedicated students who volunteer their time to enrich the university experience of both themselves and those around them. Make no mistake, if you're going to make your time here at Western memorable, you are going to have to go beyond the scope of the classroom – and the bar – and get involved in at least one of the many, many worthwhile endeavors this campus holds.

It's time to welcome back the headaches, the deadlines, the roommates and the feelings of self-doubt about everything from grades to appearance. Our piece of advice: don't dwell on these things for too long. While at the time they seem like monumental issues that have some sort of awe inspiring ability to ensure the sun won't rise tomorrow, we assure you it's never a bad idea to step back and look at the big picture.

Put the best of your abilities into your endeavors, but always remember that rarely, if ever, will one specific test, essay or boyfriend/girlfriend make or break an entire university career, let alone a life.

Unfortunately, much like the summer months, the consequence free welcome back period at Western will go by quicker than you'd like. For now, there is no assignment that is too pressing, no roommate that you just want to club with a shoe – nothing really matters right now except how much money you get for your used books.

Remember though, reality has a way of sneaking up on you. Soon this wonderful grace period will be over and those distant October due dates will be upon you. Soon your papers will be graded and your roommates will be grating on you. Soon the cry of "good to see you again" will be replaced with "how come you never call?"

One constant will remain, however, throughout the year. The Gazette will be with you, the students of Western, four times a week until the summer emerges again.

Welcome back.






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