April 1, 2003

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Culture on display at MacDaddy Gallery

By Arty Snot

In an ever-present search for the "true" University of Wealthy Ontarians culture, UWO's MacDaddy Gallery for "art and stuff" presents a week's worth of events that will examine the phenomenon.

The week will include five different shows that, according to gallery proprietor Sue "Well-to-do" Sussman, have their finger directly on the (somewhat detectable) pulse of UWO's culture.

Monday's big event will be the first annual self-portrait exhibition by UWO's fraternities and sororities. Meggie Macpherson, president of Alpha Score-A-Guy-A, is excited to display pictures of herself in order to show off to UWO's male population.

"Yeah, I, like, couldn't be more excited!" she breathlessly told a Western Spews reporter after a(nother) visit to the on-campus tanning salon.

Tuesday's festivities will include a "Polaroid Party," which is sponsored by local beer giant Labatt's. Todd "Frosted Tip" Timmins, president of UWO's My Car is Cooler than your Car Club, revealed that the Polaroid Party is the first of its kind.

"Dude! It's gonna fuckin' RULE!" he panted. "What it basically is, is me and my buddies took Polaroids of our cars and then we're gonna, like, show them to each other!"

Wednesday will be marked by UWO's nationally renowned Puffy Vest fashion show, this year dubbed "Puff Daddies '03." Show organizer and UWO fashionista Garrod "Go Gucci or go home" McClutchey, said this year's show will be the best one yet.

"Yeah, man, this year we've decided to include vests from more avant-garde stores like American Eagle and Randy River alongside the usual crop of GAP vests," McClutchey crowed excitedly.

The search for UWO's culture concludes on Friday, with performance art that will depict a scavenger hunt through the Universally Conceited Centre, with eager students chasing each other down in order to be the first to get the platinum credit card bearing the name, "Daddy."

Sussman got a little choked up speaking about this final event.

"It's just... so... WONDERFUL!" she sobbed. "Such a true, honest representation of the flawless students here at UWO. I'm just so proud to play a part in these momentous celebrations."

Besides the variety of shows, the week-long "celebration" will culminate on Saturday night at the London Convention Centre with the 2003 edition of the "Brand-New Dress Formal," to which attendees cannot wear any outfit that's more than three days old.

A UWO tradition for over a decade, the BNDF is a true representation of UWO's immensely wealthy and somewhat diverse population.


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