April 1, 2003

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I'll No Pogo your baby-killing, fat-cat, capitalist ass

This is a response to that capitalist pig Mehmet MacCloselane, who writes for your propaganda machine, and to tell him to go back to his pish-posh country club, along with all of his right-wing, fat-cat cronies.

Minimally informed tree-hugging is a legitimate university degree, you swine. We read comics... err... books, like No Pogo and Spiderman. We even learn how to find books too, you Neo-MacCarthyist oppressor of the poor.

You see? I may not know what "Neo-MacCarthyist" means, but I found it in a book, so fuck you.

MIT students aren't simply a bunch of cynical, left-wingers who all have subscriptions to Adbusters and build shrines to Michael Moore in our bedrooms; we're soon-to-be journalists (read: writers for Adbusters), and future public relations officers, which is more than I can say for you... you... anti-Pete Seeger, globalization monger.

Do not resist the MIT students, because as we learned in Star Trek 101: Resistance is futile.

Josef Hippiesworth

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