Volume 96, Issue 97
Wednesday April 2, 2003

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Music Awards bring out the best

Gazette file photo
"WE MAY LOOK REALLY, REALLY UNHAPPY, BUT WE'RE LAUGHING ON THE INSIDE." Sister duo Morgan (left) and Mercedes Lander make up the hardcore metal group Kittie, who picked up the London Music Award for Best Metal Act at Club Phoenix Sunday night

By Gazette Staff

From blues to rap, to punk rock, Club Phoenix had it all Sunday night when it showcased the first ever London Music Awards.

A total of over 600 people – including performers, media, nominees and the general public – gathered in the downtown club to watch a show filled with smiles, surprises, a few technical difficulties and amazing live performances by some of London's finest bands.

Fat Magic and The Slims kick-started the night with a fast-paced, original song. The night raged on as hosts Sarah Kirshin of Western's CHRW 94.7 FM and Matt Webb of The New PL filled the room with laughter and cheer as they introduced the various presenters and performers.

One after another, the awards were handed out – in a relatively quick three hours it was over.

The Matadors closed out the awards portion of the night with a memorable performance that had everything from fog and chained pole dancers to a fire-shooting guitar. After the smoke cleared, the general consensus was that it had been a great night for all, especially for the very diverse London music scene.

"It was great," Kirshin reflected. "Despite the technical difficulties it ran really [well]."

Kirshin said she thought it was a good step forward for the London scene, but had a few suggestions for next year.

"All the people that won deserved it. But I think some of the categories need to be split up. The punk/alternative category, for example, was really competitive and it made it really tough for voters."

CHRW's station director Mario Circelli, who also acted as one of the show's executive producers, was especially pleased with the evening.

"It was a huge success. We accomplished all our goals. The awards were a success, but the real subtext was everyone [in London's music scene] coming together. That could be seen by the sheer diversity in the people who came and the performers," he said.

Circelli also said the show will be an annual event and plans for next year's awards are already underway.

"We need it to get a little tighter, and certain categories need to be expanded. I just hope this gives the London music scene some momentum. People need to realize that London has some world class acts," he said.

London music fan Andrew Van Der Hoeven attended the event and was very pleased with what he saw.

"[The awards] were definitely entertaining. A little unorganized at times, but that is to be expected for the first time," he said.

London Music Awards
Winners List

Blues Award – Doug Varty
Pop/Rock Award – McAuley
Metal/Hardcore Award – Kittie
Punk/Alternative Award – Angry Agency
Folk/World/Celtic Award – The Sirens
Country/Bluegrass Award – Shelly Rastin
Jazz Award – Denise Pelley
Rap/R&B Award – Triad
Live DJ Award – Andycapp
High School Band Award – Some Guys

London Music Archive Hall of Fame Award –
The Demics
Georgette Fry
The Nihilist Spasm Band
63 Monroe
Zuul's Evil Disco

The Dennis Brown Lifetime Achievement Award -– The Nihilist Spasm Band

Contributors Award – Tony Lima


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