Volume 96, Issue 97
Wednesday, April 2, 2003

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News Briefs

Relief for Iraq

Both Oxfam Canada and the Red Cross are involved in humanitarian efforts in Iraq and are asking for public support of their programs.

"The Red Cross is the only agency on the ground in Iraq," said Sharon Lechner, branch manager of the London-Middlesex Red Cross, adding the Red Cross is involved in distributing water, food and medicine, and ensuring there is proper shelter for Iraqi civilians.

While Oxfam Canada is not in Iraq as of yet, they are preparing to set up refugee camps in neighbouring countries, said Tina Conlon, foreign officer for Oxfam Ontario.

"[Oxfam] is trying to get the message out that pre-war life was very tough in Iraq and military action has made the situation much worse," Conlon said. Oxfam is prepared to enter Iraq as soon as the situation is deemed safe, she explained.

"Donations certainly are welcome," Lechner said. To donate to the Red Cross go to www.redcross.ca. To contact Lechner, call 681-7330.

"[People] can donate money and spread our information," Conlon said, adding both can be done by visiting www.oxfam.ca or calling 1-800-GO-OXFAM.

–Sean Turnbull

Running on thin Iceland

Normally the words running, Iceland and diabetes do not enter any standard sentence, but in this case they are a powerful charitable combination.

Cortney Benedict, a third-year psychology student, and Sarah Moore, a third-year health science student, will be raising money from pledges to run half a marathon in Iceland.

The event is a part of a campaign organized by the Canadian Diabetes Association, said Moore, adding the goal for the Western community to send Moore and Benedict to Iceland is $11,000.

"This has been going on for two weeks. We have six months to raise the money," Moore said.

Events over the last two weeks have included a pool tournament, seminars and even a bachelor/bachelorette auction, she said.

The events are going to continue this week with a silent auction in the University Community Centre atrium on Apr. 3 and 4, Moore explained, and will feature items from The Grand Theatre, Blue Dragon and the Organic Traveller.

Proceeds raised from the marathon will go towards education and services for diabetes, as well as medical research, she added.

For more information, e-mail Moore at sjmoore@uwo.ca.

Learning about the body and not getting slapped

If you like learning about the body, Western is hosting an international conference that will fulfill your needs.

The 14th Biennial Conference of the International Society for Comparative Physical Education and Sport will be held in London this summer, said fourth-year kinesiology student Kristyn Watters, one of the conference organizers.

The theme of the upcoming conference is global issues in sport and physical activity, and it will include speakers from countries around the world, including Germany, England and Canada, Watters stated.

"Primarily, it's not student based – we're opening the doors for them, without cost," Watters said, noting there are subjects being presented by international lecturers that students may find interesting.

The conference marks the 25th anniversary of the ISCPES and will be held on campus from Jul. 4 to Jul. 7, Watters said.

–Marshall Bellamy

Remembering to remember

Western's Jewish community is inviting students to help them remember the Holocaust.

Starting today at 12 p.m., the Jewish Students' Union is holding a 24-hour vigil to commemorate those who died in the Holocaust of World War II, said Stacey Greenberg, a second-year history student and organizer of the event.

"The only way you can stop these things from happening is if you make an active effort to remember them [and learn from them]," Greenberg said.

According to Greenberg, names of Holocaust victims will be read aloud on the Concrete Beach for 24 hours straight, and an information booth will be set up in the atrium of the University Community Centre.

Greenberg said anyone who would like to volunteer to read names aloud is more than welcome to simply approach the podium outside. For more information, Greenberg can be contacted at stacegreenberg@hotmail.com.

–Chris Webden


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