Volume 96, Issue 98
Thursday, April 3, 2003

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War analysis from around the globe

By Sean Turnbull
Gazette Staff

Throughout the American-led war on Iraq, the international media has offered a variety of opinions regarding all aspects of the conflict. The Gazette collected a sampling of global opinion over the last week.

"Arab states wanted the quick war the U.S. promised, but also feared the triumphalist America which would have emerged from it. Now the least worst option for them would be the less confident U.S. which a harder war might produce, one which would not contemplate further military adventures, would get out of Iraq quickly, and might redeem itself by a more even-handed approach to the Arab-Israeli conflict."

–Martin Woollacott
Apr. 2
The Guardian (U.K.)

"Best evidence of Saddam's weakness: his reliance on suicide bombers for media 'victories.' Individual self-destruction may or may not terrorize a civilian population, but is not a weapon capable of inflicting decisive casualties on, or striking fear into, a powerful army. (It does vividly demonstrate the Baghdad-terrorist nexus.)"

–William Safire
Mar. 31
New York Times (U.S.)

"Throughout the Arab world, seven days into the invasion of Iraq, there was considerable awe, not at the viciousness of an illegal foreign invasion of Arab land, but at the stiffness of the Iraqi people's resolve in its defence."

–Hani Shukrallah
Apr. 1
Al-Ahram (Egypt)

"I watch the United States embark on one self-destructive, mis-timed, ill-conceived, half-assed disaster after another and I stay calm. American politicians don't think ahead. The long-term has always been their dead zone and you'd think smart voters would root them out for that. But I shrug, glad that Canada, for once, isn't joining in."

–Heather Mallick
Mar. 29
The Globe and Mail (Canada)

"This conflict is further poisoning the already noxious political atmosphere between Arabs and Americans. It has intensified dangerous feelings of humiliation and outrage among the Arab public, while paranoid rhetoric about western attacks against Islam is spreading from the religious fringe to the mainstream."

–Ali Abunimah and Hussein Ibish
Mar. 28
The Electronic Intifada

"The hawks in the Bush Administration will never be any closer to the battlefield than the television or a stack of briefings and newspaper clippings can bring them. They do not smell the corpses rotting in the desert sun... Meanwhile, millions of Iraqis and hundreds of thousands of soldiers thrust deep inside a complex and far away land cannot walk away from the war each night at dinner time."

–Jeff Guntzel
Mar. 28
Electronic Iraq


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