Volume 96, Issue 99
Friday, April 4, 2003

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No sour grapes; raise a Bubba to Don for his worthy cause

College forever
Colin Butler
Gazette Staff

To some, beer is just beer, but to me, it's man's greatest invention – aside from maybe Hockey Night in Canada.

Lately, Molson has made the allure of beer and hockey even more difficult to resist with the release of their Don Cherry Bubba cans just in time for the playoffs.

It's your standard five-litre keg that's been painted up like one of Don Cherry's famous blot-on-the-landscape suits. The hands, ornamented with Cherry's trademark rings, are clenched and pointed in your general direction, as Cherry is known to do during his celebrated and often controversial rants.

This is one of the best advertising campaigns to come out of Molson for a long time and the reasons are twofold.

First, it generates a sense of pride in our country and our game. I'm sure there are many students at Western who will proudly carry a Bubba home like a giant friggin' pair of testicles. I know I will.

Secondly, there is no reason to feel guilty about partaking in more beer than you should when it comes to those Bubbas, because these special cans aren't all just shits and giggles. Molson has managed to coordinate a series of auctions on radio stations across the country, to generate money towards the purpose of converting Don's deceased wife Rose Cherry's home into a centre for terminally-ill children in the Niagara region.

The brewing giant has already donated $50,000 to Rose Cherry's home and hopes to raise more funds through auctioning off Bubba cans and other memorabilia autographed by Don Cherry through E-bay. They're also holding online contests which provide fans with the chance to win the same stuff on their Iam.ca Web site.

This is a brilliant first step. We have the potential here for a Bubba for every occasion. Here are a few of my own ideas:

The Peter Mansbridge Bubba: Is there a better method to get a buzz on while watching war coverage in Iraq?

The Jesus Bubba: Who needs to turn water into wine when you got beer?

The Separation Bubba: Half Molson Export and half Molson Canadian. Relive the excitement of deciding "Oui" or "Non" with Ex and Canadian. Try it, you just may achieve sobriety-association.

The Chrétien Bubba: After draining two of these in a sitting, no one will be able to understand you either.

The Buddha Bubba: Finish yours first, then stuff it in your friends' faces. Yell, "Who's the serenest? Hunh motherfuckers!?"

The Amish Bubba: It's a wooden keg and it's empty, and then you have to raise a barn for some reason.

I must seriously admit, I think it's great that beer can promote our national game and help sick kids all at once. My hat goes off, not only to Molson, but Don Cherry for doing such a great thing to help their fellow Canadians.

To all you hockey fans out there, when you're watching playoffs and you crack open that Bubba, I insist, raise a glass to Cherry's noteworthy cause.


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