Volume 96, Issue 99
Friday April 4, 2003

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LAST UPDATED: Friday April 4, 2003 - 3:30 p.m.

Western solicited to overturn USC Dental Plan

Western's Campus and Community Affairs Committee debated the merits of the University Students' Council dental plan referendum last night, bringing into question whether the university should interfere in the implementation of USC fees.

Indie voices on the war in Iraq

As the war in Iraq continues, the public is bombarded with information from a wide variety of media sources. The Gazette decided to examine electronic, independent media outlets and present an overview of the current perspectives these sources offer.

Wham, SPAM, no thank you man

Everyone hates SPAM. Not only does it look, taste and smell horrible, it also sucks to get it in your inbox.

In a move contrary to the Acceptable Use Policy of Western's Information Technology Services, several students recently used Western mailing lists to advertise their sublets, rental availabilities and furniture for sale.


Western debates legality of war

As the war in Iraq rages on, so does national and global debate. Yesterday, Western played host to a forum discussing the war's ongoing implications.

"Canada, the United Nations and the war in Iraq," a forum hosted by Western's Muslim Students' Association, invited Western law professor Michael Lynk and education professor Rebecca Coulter to share their views on the Iraqi war.

NEWS FOR DUMMIES: War, SARS and beaver punching

Western students can soon return to the magical land of blissful ignorance, for this is the final installment of News for Dummies for this academic year.

Iraqi War: roundup

(AP) – The battle for Baghdad reached its international airport yesterday after American forces rolled through a 10-kilometre shooting gallery: a single-lane road on the capital's southern outskirts with Iraqi fighters firing from all sides.

Teacher testing critiqued

The Canadian Teachers' Federation, a Canadian teachers' lobby group, is upset over the issue of national standardized testing for the country's elementary school students.

"Teachers are concerned that comparisons based on national tests will ignore factors other than teaching that contribute to differences in outcomes," said CTF director of communications Francine Filion..

SATIRE: Saddam's birthday

In spite of pressure from the war in Iraq, sources say that Saddam Hussein will be taking time out to celebrate his 66th birthday in style on Apr. 28.

News Briefs

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