Volume 96, Issue 100
Tuesday, April 8, 2003

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Many thanks

One hundred issues – where did the time and the sanity go?

The staff of Volume 96 of The Gazette would like to thank you – our loyal readers – for supporting us throughout the last eight months. Whether you disagreed with aspects of our coverage, or were an unabashed fan, our efforts mean very little without your support.

From top to bottom, our staff made a concerted effort to infuse your student newspaper with colour, humour and human-interest stories, along with a balanced dose of hard news, entertainment and sports coverage.

We revamped our Friday issue into the Weekend Edition, in which we tried to include more art, sports, opinion and lifestyle pieces into our front page coverage, accompanied by time-consuming creative work produced by our graphic artists and photographers.

While far from perfect, our intent was always to entertain, inform, challenge and sometimes inadvertently enrage the Western community as a whole.

We couldn't have done any of it without our loyal crop of volunteers and editors who sacrifice academic life and limb and anything resembling a social life in order to ensure we hit the stands four days a week. We are forever in their debt.

Many other people also deserve our sincere thanks. For example, Susan Grindrod, associate vice-president of Western Housing and Ancillary Services: thank you for banning our Frosh Edition from residences and making it more popular than it ever could have been on its own merits.

Thank you to people who do drugs, for inspiring us to do a drug feature, and thank you to all those people who told us were morally bankrupt because we produced a drug feature.

Thank you to trees for sacrificing their lives for our cause, our faithful Smokers of the Week (who sacrifice their health for your entertainment) and to our trio of high school co-op students.

Thank you to the non-bashful models featured in our Sex Issue, the bartending of many local watering holes who kept our creative juices flowing and to Pedro, The Gazette's resident gnome, who was gnome-napped in the line of duty.

Thank you to the Campus Alcohol Policy for "trying" and Matt Groening for The Simpson's.

Thank you to the varsity athletic teams who consistently complained about a lack of coverage (we wish you well in the future, even though we still won't be covering you) and to the toady and weasily "real"

and student politicians who consistently remind us that we're the good guys.

Finally, thank you to the letter to the editor we received that managed to get sprinkled donuts back at Tim Horton's – it allowed us to use the paper as a force for good, instead of its traditional evil's purpose.

Many of our faces will change, but we'll do it all again next year.

We wouldn't have it any other way.




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