December 2 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 52  

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The Gazette and playa hatin'

December is a month mixed with Prozac-laced holiday cheer and wretched end-of-semester stress. With deadlines, cluttered exam schedules and bitterly cold weather quickly approaching, students have all the more reason to resent, well, everything. Since you’re looking at about two more weeks of this stressed-out state, we decided to reserve our editorial to list all the little things that bother us and therefore, warrant space for complaint.

Evil landlords: Now is just not the time to piss tenants off with un-addressed problems, ranging from leaky toilets to rat families living in the attic — fix them now! Also, stop assuming that because we’re students, we’re stupid.

UCC gypsies: They attempt to lure us with their self-proclaimed bargain prices and some students actually fall victim to such tricks. This new market square in the University Community Centre atrium is flooded with booths selling everything from perfume to flags (who buys these?) to Christmas decor. We don’t like any of them. Why aren’t these booths downstairs with the rest of Western’s shops and services? At the very least, the number of booths on the main floor should be limited.

Students who buy stuff from aforementioned booths: Yes, you know who you are. The stupid people that just stand there, blocking the paths the rest of us need to take to do stuff besides shopping, like maybe go to class.

2Pac: Yes, we realize this is rather random. But 2Pac is dead; therefore, it only makes sense that he STOP MAKING MOVIES.

Not dressing for the weather: To the girls pairing hooker boots with mini-skirts in sub-zero weather — it’s winter in Canada! You know who you are and you’re not fooling anyone — we can clearly see your goose bump-covered thighs.

Backpacks are not people: When a bus is full, there is no reason to reserve a seat for your school bag. Backpacks are not real people, and more importantly, they didn’t pay for a bus pass.

Smelly people: What you do during your own time is your business. However, if you’re going to come to class, please ensure you’ve followed the simple rules of personal hygiene. Everyone is busy during this time of year, but that’s no excuse to not shower. We can’t concentrate on our exams with your stench.

Lecture gossip: Yes, it’s a tired complaint, but people continue to talk during class. As interesting as it may be for you, we really don’t care that your boyfriend cheated on you or your best friend kissed your brother.



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