December 2 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 52  

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Al-Awda event goes smoothly at U of T

A controversial conference was held this past Sunday by the Al-Awda, a Palestinian Right of Return group, at a University of Toronto campus building.

Off-campus housing fire hazard?

While on-campus residences are safe from fire-wielding aliens who want nothing more than to burn down residences and devour roasted student meat, off-campus student housing could be having a roast served up with student steak, especially considering there is no law for fire inspections in London to protect the fair students of Western from vicious dragon attacks.

Critics: new law means landlords could get shafted by students

Don’t want to pay your water bill? A new London city council proposal says just skip town — your landlord will foot the bill.

Winter makes for bad drivers, more crime

A rash of vehicular mishaps around campus and throughout the city have both the London and Western police departments warning pedestrians to be on their guard with the weather getting worse and darkness falling earlier.

Cop saves his grapes, black widow in custody

OTTAWA (CP) — A provincial police officer caught a known killer Sunday that may have been hiding in his refrigerator for days.

Campus Inquisition

While in the midst of November exams and essays we tend to worry about many things. One of them being if a gang of robotic space aliens invade Western with the intent of stealing everyone’s appendices to breed a new race of appendix monsters. So The Gazette asked students what they would do if the appendix stealing aliens attacked our fine campus.

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