December 2 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 52  

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Winter makes for bad drivers, more crime

By Dan Perry
Gazette Staff

A rash of vehicular mishaps around campus and throughout the city have both the London and Western police departments warning pedestrians to be on their guard with the weather getting worse and darkness falling earlier.

A 37 year-old woman remained in critical condition at press time yesterday after being hit by a London Transit bus last Thursday at Richmond St. and Queens Ave., according to Const. Paul Martin of the London Police Department. Police are investigating reports that street lights on Richmond south of Queens were inoperative. No charges have been laid in the accident.

Martin compared this year’s figure of 179 pedestrian involved collisions, to the 2002 year-end count of 199. Any students interested in partaking in a pool on whether or not the number will top 200 are asked to contact Marshall Bellamy at In a completely unrelated story, Bellamy is also conducting driving lessons this week.

Elgin Austen, spokesperson for Campus Community Police Service, reported a serious accident on Lambton Dr. just south of University Dr. Friday night when two cars collided head on. Both cars were written off, Austen said, adding damages approached $20,000.

“Alcohol was definitely involved,” Austen said, adding the student will be charged with careless driving, as well as under the Code of Student Conduct.

“We have had, over the last week a number of incidents of theft — I would say probably a half-dozen break ins — in cars, [residence] rooms and out of [university] facilities,” Austen stated. Officers are investigating, he added.

There was also an armed robbery on Platts Ln. this past week, Austen said, but residents are assured there is nothing to fear. “The break ins were targeting drugs in one residence,” Austen said, calling this an isolated incident and adding it was not likely to happen again.

City police also reported several break ins in the last week. Second Chance, a business on Richmond St., was being burglarized at 4:30 a.m. Thursday when police were called. The burglar was arrested on the scene, fleeing from the canine unit with sacks of loot.

Despite lacking Don Johnson, the LPD’s own Vice and Drug Section was dispatched to Gloria’s, a (ahem) massage parlour on Clarke Rd. Three people were arrested and charged with (get this) “Being an Inmate in a Common Body House.” Puritans and their lawmakers — gotta love ‘em.

A man was charged with assault after striking his child’s teacher’s arm during a dispute as she attempted to blow a safety whistle. The teacher had accompanied the child across a parking lot, allegedly to ensure his safety, and the father confronted her verbally. The child was unharmed but presumed embarrassed.



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