December 2 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 52  

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Campus Inquisition

While in the midst of November exams and essays we tend to worry about many things. One of them being if a gang of robotic space aliens invade Western with the intent of stealing everyone’s appendices to breed a new race of appendix monsters. So The Gazette asked students what they would do if the appendix stealing aliens attacked our fine campus.

“I wouldn’t mind, I don’t really need my appendix — It’d be interesting and exciting too.”
—Jackie Foley
masters of physiotherapy I

“You don’t know what they’re going to do it, it’s kinda scary.”
—Adam Wessman
masters of physiotherapy I

“I think fight them with the purple thing.”
—Megan Piper
biology II

“I’d go back to King’s [College] because they couldn’t find it — and Jesus would protect me.”
—Andrew Clark
history III

“I’d ask them where they keep their sweet, sweet Lucky Charms.”
—Mark Bezzina
history III

“I’d probably get as drunk as much as I can so it wouldn’t hurt too much.”
—Allie Angus
English III

“But are they nice?”
—Jessie Miller
biology III

“What if they come back for something else, like your fingers?”
—Patricia Anderson
psychology III

“I wouldn’t give it to them, because they’d come back for something else and we’d be invaded indefinitely.”
—Teresa Kan
ethics student



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