December 2 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 52  

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Mustangs topple Golden Hawks

It was all about Atkinson and McColl in the Western Mustangs' women's basketball team's 60-48 victory over the second place Laurier Golden Hawks Saturday afternoon.

Ballers lose seventh straight Optimistic feelings for 2004

Things can only get better for a very young and very injured Western Mustangs men's basketball team. That said, they fell to 0-7 on the regular season with Saturday's 65-60 loss to the Laurier Golden Hawks.

Once upon a time in sports... Matt Christopher

Dan, an un-athletic 12-year-old boy, has trouble making all the sports teams; despite his understanding of the games' strategies and his memorization of all the stats, he can't quite fit in with his sports-obsessed, small-town classmates. One day, he finds a series of books in the library, but will they be enough to keep him out of therapy when he's in his 20s?




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