December 3 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 53  

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“I don’t know how you guys get up so early. I guess it’s all perspective,” says Rob Szabo in front of the audience at Fanshawe College. It’s around noon and most people are eating and chatting as the singer/songwriter and his drummer drive through a passionate hour-long set. It seems odd that he’s in such high spirits for a mostly apathetic crowd and a setlist of pretty melancholy tunes. But he’s right in a way — it is all perspective.

Most didn’t come for Szabo, but a group of girls and a fellow Kitchener kid come up to him afterwards to talk and buy CDs. In an odd way, people tend to naturally gravitate towards his music.

When I sit down to lunch with Rob, he explains that he’s been touring quite consistently and has another gig in Kitchener that night. He’s excited for his upcoming full length CD/DVD that will contain 12 animated shorts all scored by Szabo and animated by his friend Cal Brunker. “It’s going to be pretty cool… some real abstract art type shit,” he says.

Although Szabo is generally enthusiastic about his work, like all artists, he still has his doubts. “As soon as you’re finished something, you’re like, ‘I could do it way better’,” he muses. But Rob also knows that egocentricity leads to stagnation. “When you think that you did it perfectly, that’s when you’re in fucking trouble.”

—Colin J. Fleming



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