December 3 , 2003  
Volume 97, Issue 53  

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Joyce Wang/Gazette
FOLLOW THE SNOWY WHITE ROAD. FOLLOW THE SNOWY WHITE ROAD. FOLLOW, FOLLOW, FOLLOW, FOLLOW, FOLLOW THE SNOWY WHITE ROAD. Western students walk in line through campus. Unfortunately, the Wizard of Oz could not be found.

Where student gov't dare tread

Should student governments take a stand on international conflicts or should they focus on local issues that affect students directly?

Western research gets $8 mil

Under the guise of Santa Claus, the Government of Canada arrived early on campus with a jolly fat cheque to help Western and its partners cover some of its research-related costs and support efforts to be a leading research-intensive university.

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Dallas Curow/Gazette
SNOWBALL DEATH MATCH. Picture 1: Adam Whitlam (right) and Bryant Ramdoo (left), both second-year administrative and commercial studies students, salute the snow gods with the traditional winter tongue wag; Picture 2: Ramdoo assumes his girlie stance throwing style and Picture 3: Ramdoo feels the wrath of Whitlam ’s snowball fury.


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