Volume 96, Issue 74
Tuesday, February 11, 2003

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Gamble on Dyson for prez

By Emmett Macfarlane
Gazette Staff

Rolling the dice for a shot at the top spot, Brook Dyson is currently in a battle with five other candidates for the position of president of the University Students' Council.

The USC presidential candidate is running on what he feels is a solid track record. Dyson, a fourth-year political science student, said his stint as VP-finance for King's College Students' Council set an example of how he would perform as USC president.

"What sets me apart is that I have proven experience in following through with what I campaigned on," he said, noting he helped conduct a feasibility study into cutting student fees at King's. "And we did it. We cut them six per cent."

We didn't feel it was right to collect as much money as we were and not spend it all on the students," Dyson explained.

Dyson said, if he were to accomplish anything as USC president, it would be to increase student involvement and make the average student happier with the performance of the USC.

"As your president, I'm going to listen to the issues that affect you," he said. "I've talked to people and they say lineups are too long. If I can shorten them, I will."

Clubs are the backbone of the USC," Dyson said, adding hardworking clubs should be rewarded by council. "If a club increases their membership by 10 per cent, then they should get a prime spot [during clubs week]." Dyson said this initiative would be part of a clubs reward program he would work towards implementing as president.

Dyson also said the health plan opt-out, faculty donation opt-out and the possible dental plan opt-out should be streamlined to make it easier for students. "For students to actually care about the USC, the USC has to do more that directly affects them."

The USC president's job should have a broad scope, Dyson said. "I think that anything that involves the 30,000-something students should involve the president, because he's the only widely-elected member on the USC."


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