Volume 96, Issue 75
Thursday, February 12, 2003

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Chris Hodge/Gazette

It's that time again – with University Students' Council presidential elections are well under way, The Gazette delivers its annual candidate brain teaser. This year, the presidential bachelors are all taking a chance and vying for the heart of the number one bachelorette: Western's student body.


1. What does the acronym OSPG stand for? (1) Orientation Strategic Planning Group

2. What does the acronym SCUBA stand for? (1) Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

3. Who is the president of Western's Faculty Association? (1) Paul Handford

4. Who is Greg Moran? (1) Western's VP-Academic and provost

5. Name one member of the Board of Directors and the Simpson's character they were compared to in the Gazette report cards. (1) Chris Sinal, Chief Wiggim; Josh Morgan, Troy McClure; Nicole Nelson, Lisa Simpson; Lil Chieh, Principal Skinner; Michael Rudd, Lenny; Kadie Ward, Ralph Wiggim

6. Who are the two student Board of Governors representatives? Scott Belton, Bryan Lynch (2)

7. What team did Western play in the Homecoming football game? What was the score? (2) McMaster won 38-37

8. Who is the president of the Society of Graduate Students? (1) Mark Feltham

9. Which Western team has won the most consecutive Ontario University Athletics championships? (1) Men's Squash

10. What is the total amount of student fees that an individual student pays to the USC? (1) $182.64

11. What is the name of The Gazette's resident gnome? (1) Pedro

12. Name the charities to which the proceeds were donated from this year's Charity Ball. (2) AIDS Committee of London, Sexual Assault Centre London

13. Who is the MPP for the London North-Centre riding? (1) Dianne Cunningham

14. What is the name of Western's one-act play festival? (1) Purple Shorts

15. Who is dean of the Don Wright Faculty of Music? (1) Robert Wood

16. How much is a CLT at The Spoke? (1) $3.75

17. Where is the Pride Library located? (1) University College

18. Excluding professional schools, which faculty has the most expensive undergraduate tuition? (1) Engineering

19. Which student lobby organization is calling for a full tuition freeze? (1) Canadian Federation of Students

20. Who is the head of UCC Reservations? (1) Ernie Wright

21. Name the streets that intersect in front of Delaware Hall? (2) University Drive and Perth

22. What is the name of Western's Ombudsperson? (1) Frances Bauer

23. What day is Pad Thai day at The Wave? (1) Tuesday and Thursday

24. What is Western's current ranking in Maclean's magazine? (1) Third

25. Who is the head of the Sports and Recreation Services at Western? (1) Dan Smith

26. Who is the bar manager for the USC? (1) Dan Smith

27. Who is the bar manager from the classic sitcom Cheers? (1) Sam Malone

28. In 50 words or less, describe your campaign platform.

Paul Yeoman - 24.5/30 - 82%

1. Orientation Strategic Planning Group

2. Doh!

3. Paul Handford

4. Provost and VP-academic

5. Mike Rudd, Principal Skinner

6. Scott Belton, Bryan Lynch

7. McMaster Marauders, 38-37 for McMaster

8. Mark Feltham

9. Mens Squash

10. $193

11. Pedro

12. AIDS Committee of London, Women's Community Shelter

13. Diane Cunningham

14. Purple Shorts

15. Bob Wood

16. $3.25

17. University College

18. Science (engineering is a professional faculty)

19. CFS

20. Ernie Wright

21. Perth and University

22. Frances Bauer

23. Tuesday (.5)

24. 3rd

25. Dan Smith

26. Dan Smith

27. Sam Malone (and Rebecca Howe was for a while)

28. Campus Community: The Living Campus Project, developing ways to make Western a better place.

Parking: Parking Forum, and information in Westernizer

TV Western: Evaluation to serve you best.

Working with admin, alumni and SCOG to lobby best for students.

Summer Academic Orientation: Welcome new students before O-Week.

Brook Dyson - 15.5/30 - 52%

1. Orientation Strategic Planning Group

2. Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

3. Paul Handford

4. VP-Academic Western (.5)

5. Mike Rudd, Lenny

6. Scott Belton, Brian Lynch

7. Macmaster, 38-37 for Mac (we missed the conversion)

8. Clinton

9. Men's Soccer

10. $375

11. Harry

12. Aids Centre of London, Women's Shelters of London

13. Dianne Cunningham

14. Western Shorts

15. Don Wright Jr.

16. $3.50

17. University College

18. HBA Ivey

19. CFS

20. Dr. Chris Sinal, Esq.

21. University Drive, Lambton Drive

22. Judge Judy

23. Wednesday

24. Third, tied with McGill

25. Gary Bettman

26. Jeff Smith

27. Sam, but we all know Norm was calling the shots.

28. I'm listening to the concerns of students, and as president I will work to address those concerns. Shorter lines, easier access to opt out money, cheaper intramurals, rewarding clubs for their hard work and opening up the USC are all things that I will work towards accomplishing.

Myron Belej - 0/30 -1-27.

The mere memorization of facts has never been a valid indicator of one's intelligence or ability to lead.

28. My platform is entirely focused on making a difference in students' lives – all students. A 24-hour community service project, a residence programming handbook, and UCC club corner, coupled with my numerous outstanding contributions to Western residence, cultural and religious life truly make me the cultural candidate for a better... 0%

Cameron McAlpine - 18/30 - 60%

1. Orientation Strategic Planning Group

2. Super Cool Urban Bad Ass

3. Paul Handford

4. VP-academic and provost

5. Nicole Nelson, Lisa

6. Scott Belton, Brian Lynch

7. Mac

8. Mark Felton

9. The cheerleaders

10. The USC directly gets about $160.

11. Frenchie

12. London Abused Women's Shelter and an AIDS charity

13. Dianne Cunningham

14. Purple Shorts

15. Dr. Ross

16. $3.95

17. Elgin Hall Residence

18. Engineering

19. Canadian Federation of Students

20. Ernesta Wright

21. University Drive and Perth

22. Nice Lady

23. Tuesday and Thursday

24. 3rd

25. Dan Smith

26. Dan Smith

27. Sam Malone, then Rebecca Howe

28. My platform was a comprehensive set of ideas and initiatives that address many of the concerns we all have as students. It also includes new goals for the USC itself that will help make our students' council more responsive to our needs. Please view my full platform at www.usc.uwo.ca/elections/mcalpine.

Neil Uttamsingh - 14/30 - 46%

1. Orientation Strategic Planning Group

2. I don't know, but I have a friend who went Scuba diving in the Dominican last month.

3. Paul Handford

4. VP-academic and provost

5. Chris Sinal, Chief Wiggim

6. Bryan Lynch, Scott Belton

7. McMaster, Western lost by one point 43-42

8. VP-external is Sarah McCarter

9. Western Cheerleading has won 18 consecutive National Championships in a row.

10. 182.64 - There are 14 different fees, The Gazette fee is $8.98.

11. Pedro - he is my friend

12. AIDS Foundation, Sexual Assault

13. Joe Fontana

14. Vagina Monologues

15. I don't know, but did you know that Don Wright held the long jump record at Western for 44 years?

16. $3.75 + tax

17. University College

18. Richard Ivey School of Business (HBA degree)

19. Canadian Alliance of Student Associations

20. Ernie

21. Elgin Dr. and University Dr.

22. Francis Bauer

23. Wednesday

24. Third (highest ranking ever for Western)

25. Mark Sellars

26. Dan Smith is manager of The Spoke and The Wave

27. Ted Danson

28. Residence blitzes: Making the president mobile. Getting out there and motivating first years to get involved

Council meetings: Personally attending one council meeting of every residence, faculty and affiliate

Rotating meetings: Having USC meetings all across campus, including affiliated colleges.

Safety audit: Annual initiative to ensure that campus is safe.

Mohamed Al Sabawi

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