Volume 96, Issue 75
Thursday, February 12, 2003

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12 QUESTIONS: Silverstein
Silverstein not just for kids

By Dan Bowyer
Gazette Staff

Vocalist Shane Told of Silverstein took some time to answer 12 Questions with The Gazette.

1) How did Silverstein come together as a band?

We were all playing in different bands, ranging in style from metal to ska. We all wanted to do something that our main bands weren't doing, so Silverstein started as a side project.

2) Why did the band choose to name themselves after children's poet and musician Shel Silverstein?

I happened to pick up a Shel Silverstein book one day when we first started jamming, and we got talking about how all of us read his books when we were kids, so the name just stuck.

3) How did you sign with Victory Records?

I'm friends with Charles Moniz, formerly of Grade, who were signed to Victory. He called the label and had them listen to our demo. Within a couple of days, we were in contract negotiations and eventually signed with them.

4) Was there any interest from other labels?

Yeah, even now we get interest from labels here and there.

5) Does the signing represent the pinnacle of Silverstein's career, or is there more to accomplish?

Yes, but it is important to maintain a strong fanbase through touring. We had toured so much that signing with a label was the next logical step.

6) What are your hopes for your forthcoming record?

It doesn't matter whether our record sells 5,000 copies or 100,000 copies, we just hope that people like it.

7) What is the goal of Silverstein's live show?

We try to mix emotion and aggression, so that people are able to connect with the music, whether that be by moshing, or simply by reflecting on it.

8) What is the best part of touring?

Meeting new people and being in places that you would have no reason to be in otherwise.

9) And the worst part of being on the road?

The long drives really suck, and so does loading all our gear into and out of the venues.

10) Having seen and played shows with a number of Ontario-based bands, who are the best?

The Fullblast and The Petit Project are two of the best bands that are not signed yet. Both of them are going to be huge.

11) What does Silverstein focus on when not concentrating on music?

We are all quite involved in the scene outside of actually playing music. Our bass player Bill does a lot of photography, and our drummer Paul books shows in the Burlington area.

12) Any last words for Gazette readers?

Our album When Broken Is Easily Fixed will be out on Apr. 22. Check it out!

Silverstein play Call the Office on Friday, Feb. 14. Admission is $5.


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