Volume 96, Issue 75
Thursday, February 12, 2003

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ROUNDTABLE: was Vince vin-cere?

Was "Vinsanity" sincere when he gave up his starting spot in the NBA All-Star game to Michael Jordan? Or was it one big publicity stunt on Vince Carter's behalf, set-up purely to make the big cry-baby look good? Gazette sports addressed this issue while sitting around the notorious roundtable.

Mills: Vince is a cry-baby that needed to better his image in the media, so he waited until the last second to give MJ his starting spot, thus making him look like a hero. Too bad he's still a cry-baby.

Hickman: The move looked very staged because Jordan did turn down Tracy McGrady's offer to give up his spot a couple weeks ago. For Jordan, I would have thought he had more pride than to take a starting spot that was handed to him, but the NBA obviously wanted to make a big deal out of his last all-star weekend.

Dixon: It's tough to feel sorry for any athlete, especially the kind that makes an absorbent amount of money to play a game, but Vince does get a bum rap. I think people are getting him mixed up with former U.S. president Jimmy Carter when they dub Vince "history's greatest monster."

Hickman: The NBA is the model for pro sports for marketing and no one has stepped up and taken on the Jordan profile as the brightest star in the league, so they are still trying to hold on to his legacy as a household name. Vince Carter was forced to give it up, whether he liked it or not, and he shouldn't be starting in anything other than the dunk contest because that's all he can do.

Dixon: I can't think of anymore Simpsons references.

Mills: I'm not the biggest basketball fan, so I'm going to go grab a beer and some nachos. Any takers? No? Fine, be that way.

(Editor's note: Ben was spotted moments later trying to get "adults" to buy him beer at the liquor store, seeing as he rarely passes for 19. As for the nachos, he claimed to have eaten some, but later confessed that they were dog biscuits.)


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