Volume 96, Issue 76
Thursday, February 13, 2003

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CASA director's suspension linked to USC VP?

By Chris Webden
Gazette Staff

Josh Morgan, VP-education

Sources within the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations have indicated that the current suspension and investigation of national director Liam Arbuckle may also have consequences for University Students' Council VP-education Josh Morgan, a potential candidate to replace him.

As of Jan. 31, Arbuckle has been officially suspended from the student lobbying organization, said Tyler MacLeod, chair of the CASA board of directors and Atlantic regional representative.

Although MacLeod refused to comment on the reasons behind Arbuckle's suspension, sources within CASA believe it is connected to the disclosure of confidential information.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, one CASA source was of the view that Arbuckle shared information with Morgan concerning potential candidates in CASA's upcoming election for national director, scheduled to take place in Manitoba on Mar. 5, in which Morgan is expected to run.

Morgan is Western's CASA representative, and is also the president of the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance, the provincial lobbying wing of CASA.

Though Morgan is currently among the list of potential candidates for national director, his status could be placed in jeopardy depending on the outcome of the current CASA investigation into Arbuckle's status, one voting-member of CASA explained.

Morgan declined to comment on the allegations, but said he had been interviewed by CASA in their investigation of Arbuckle.

"If [the board] thought I had been given information compromising to the selection of national director, they would have removed me by now," Morgan claimed. "I'm sure that, if I could talk, I'd be able to fully exonerate myself."

Evan Mackintosh, president of the McMaster University Student Union, said Arbuckle's future with CASA is unclear. "I am lead to believe that [Arbuckle's suspension] has something to do with his employment status, by the way [CASA] is keeping the details a secret at the board level," Mackintosh said, noting Arbuckle could end up returning to his position, resigning or being fired by CASA.

Erin Stevenson, a spokesperson for CASA, said CASA is currently seeking legal advice regarding how to continue with the investigation. "[CASA] has to be very careful of how [it] treads over this situation," she said, adding a final decision is expected soon.

Arbuckle could not be reached for comment.


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