Volume 96, Issue 76
Thursday, February 13, 2003

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Yeoman reaches out to the purple and proud

By Paolo Zinatelli
Gazette Staff

I am Yeoman. Yeoman I am.

Paul Yeoman, a fourth-year political science student, is running for the presidency of the University Students' Council.

In his first year, he was a floor representative for Medway Hall. Since then, he has served as a USC councillor, senator-at-large, chaired the Student Caucus on Governance, been the social science head soph and served on such committees as external affairs and parking appeals.

"I want to ensure students of this school have a great year," Yeoman said concerning his decision to run. Next year will be a big year, he said, noting he wants to ensure it is the best it can be.

His platform consists of a Living Campus Project, which will foster campus communities by seeking the opinions of students and working with council, Yeoman said.

Another of his platform issues involves parking. Yeoman wants to make students aware of Western's parking zones and fines. In addition, Yeoman would like an evaluation of TV Western as a USC operation. "[This is] to ensure it has the resources it needs."

Yeoman would like to see a strengthening of relationships around campus. "I want to continue to build a positive working relationship with administration," he said, adding he plans to work with alumni, as well as those groups organizing celebrations for Western's 125th anniversary.

A summer academic orientation to inform incoming students about what the USC is, and what it can do to make the year better, is something else that is needed, he explained.

When asked about how he would improve upon the performance of this year's president, Yeoman said he would like to see more residence tours. "I would like to be more active in the Western community," he said.

If elected USC president, Yeoman said he would bring experience and "a vision for the betterment of Western students."

As well, Yeoman said he is someone you can trust, adding that trust is something important to have in a USC president.

"The USC can do a lot to improve the care of students and it should be out there to affect change on campus."


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