Volume 96, Issue 76
Thursday February 13, 2003
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LAST UPDATED: Thursday February 13, 2003 - 1:55 p.m.

CASA director's suspension linked to USC VP?

Sources within the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations have indicated that the current suspension and investigation of national director Liam Arbuckle may also have consequences for University Students' Council VP-education Josh Morgan, a potential candidate to replace him.

SOGS gives props to faculty

Western's Society of Graduate Students recently sent a letter to university administration stating its support of the University of Western Ontario Faculty Association in regards to current contract negotiations.

SOGS president Mark Feltham said most graduate students are teaching assistants and are deeply involved in the current contract negotiations. "Most TAs are probably going to become professors themselves," he said.

City up in arms over developer

Londoners are up in arms over a recent ruling by the Ontario Municipal Board that allows a developer to proceed with building new student-centred townhouses near Western's campus.

The new development is being built at the corner of Richmond Street and Epworth Avenue – just north of the Richmond Gates – by Arnon Kaplansky of KAP Holdings Ltd.

Former journalism dean critiques media

According to a former Western dean of journalism, concentration in media ownership threatens the variety of perspectives the public receives in its news sources.

Last night, Peter Desbarats returned to Western to deliver a lecture on the current state of our national media, and also examined the relationship between the media, democracies and the current terrorist threat.

A candidate who is not afraid to smile

If there's a University Students' Council presidential candidate with an up and at 'em style, his name is Neil Uttamsingh.

The fourth-year psychology student – whose name, when properly pronounced, sounds more like "you can sing" rather than "uh-tum sing" – said he feels his personality is what will attract the votes of students. "Basically, I'm running for USC president because it's the job of the USC to foster good relations," he said.


Yeoman reaches out to the purple and proud

I am Yeoman. Yeoman I am.

Paul Yeoman, a fourth-year political science student, is running for the presidency of the University Students' Council.


From the far lane: Tuition freeze: the policy of fools

Although many students might not like to hear it, the government should not impose a tuition freeze.

Two weeks ago, the Ontario Liberals released the post-secondary education section of their election platform, advocating an immediate tuition freeze. A week earlier, the University Students' Council called for a "fully funded" tuition freeze (which was essentially a call for full funding to universities for each enrolled student, as well as a freeze in tuition).


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