Volume 96, Issue 77
Friday, February 14, 2003

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Editors' guide to love, movies & music

Best Date Movie

"Anything with sports" – Bell

"To impress a girl, show a little more creativity than taking her to a movie." – Dixon

Amélie – Polishuk

Eight Legged Freaks – Hodge

Bambi – Mills

Bull Durham – Hickman

Jaws – Chen

High Fidelity – Lackner

Silence of the Lambs – Zinatelli

"Anything with John Cusack... except that one baseball movie he did." – Wrobel

Shawshank Redemption – Proudfoot

Ice Age – Kerim

Jerry Maguire – Iglinski

Rumble in the Bronx – Simpson

Swingers – Marcella

The Princess Bride – Lundblad

American Beauty – Chiu

Lord of the Rings – Macfarlane

Requiem for a Dream – O'Toole

Pee Wee's Big Adventure – Wong

Notting Hill – Webden

Gazette file photo
HOW COULD SUCH AN UGLY MAN MAKE SUCH SWEET MUSIC? Miles Davis truly was the master of love.

Most Romantic CD

Love songs of Burt Bachrach by Burt Bachrach– Bell

"Anything you made specifically for her. Choose songs that say something about her, not generic cheesy ones. This does not rule out Barry White." – Dixon

Don't Give Up On Me by Solomon Burke – Polishuk

OK Computer by Radiohead – Hodge

"Anything by Keith Sweat." – Mills

Best of Al Green by Al Green – Hickman

Kind of Blue by Miles Davis – Chen

White Light / White Heat by Velvet Underground – Lackner

Slippery When Wet by Bon Jovi – Zinatelli

Piece of Paradise by Sky – Wrobel

Automatic for the People by REM – Proudfoot

Room for Squares by John Mayer – Iglinski

Live at Luther College by Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds – Simpson

"Anything by Frank Sinatra" – Marcella

Wildflowers by Tom Petty – Wyatt

August and Everything After by Counting Crows – Lundblad

Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite by Maxwell – Chiu

And all that Could Have Been... by NIN – Macfarlane

Ultra by Depeche Mode – O'Toole

Pinkerton by Weezer – Wong

Brushfire Fairytales by Jack Johnson – Webden

Best CD To Have Sex To

Sexual Healer by Marvin Gaye – Bell

Legend by Bob Marley – Dixon

Boogie Nights Original Soundtrack by Various Artists – Polishuk

Surfacing by Sarah McLachlan – Hodge

"Anything by Wreckz 'n Effectz" – Mills

Bump'n Grind by Various Artists – Hickman

Tourist by St. Germain – Chen

Kind of Blue by Miles Davis – Lackner

The Way I Feel by Remy Shand – Wrobel

Best of U2 1980 – 1990 by U2 – Proudfoot

Room for Squares by John Mayer – Iglinski

"I abstain from this." – Simpson

Kind of Blue by Miles Davis – Marcella

Better Late Then Never by The Slackers – Wyatt

Mezzanine by Massive Attack – Chiu

Title of Record by Filter – Macfarlane

The Downward Spiral by NIN – O'Toole

The Sign by Ace of Base – Wong

Love Supreme by John Coltrane – Webden

Most Romantic Movie

When Harry Met Sally – Bell

Champs: "The story of the 1993 Stanley Cup champions, the Montreal Canadiens" – Dixon

Say Anything – Polishuk

French Kiss – Hodge

Sleepless in Seattle – Mills

"I would like to use a lifeline and ask the audience." – Chen

The Land Before Time – Hickman

Before Sunrise – Lackner

When Harry Met Sally – Zinatelli

Tom Hanks + Meg Ryan = instant romance – Wrobel

Moulin Rouge – Proudfoot

Pretty Woman – Kerim

Jerry Maguire – Simpson

High Fidelity – Marcella

Dog Park – Wyatt

Notting Hill – Lundblad

Amélie – Chiu

Braveheart – Macfarlane

Good Will Hunting – O'Toole

The Crying Game – Wong

Shakespeare in Love – Webden


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