Volume 96, Issue 77
Friday, February 14, 2003

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The Bachelorette

After scrutinizing the candidates' campaigns for University Student's Council president for the past two weeks and attending endless debates and forums, The Gazette is ready to present to you our annual candidate evaluations. Six gentlemen are vying for the heart of a lone bachelorette: Western itself.

The candidates were evaluated in four categories. Experience is a measure of their past involvement with the USC, clubs, residence councils, soph teams and other groups. The Quality of Ideas category examines both the strength of a candidate's platform initiatives and the feasibility of those initiatives. Presentation is an evaluation of the effectiveness of the candidates' campaigning, public persona and visibility on campus over the past two weeks, and Leadership is an overall measure of each of the candidates' potential ability to lead the students of Western and the USC.

Take a look at how the candidates faired and be sure to cast your vote on Feb. 18 and 19. These six men are trying to woo you Western; make them wine and dine you before you give up the goods – your presidential vote.

Myron Belej - 4.5/20

Experience – 2.0/5
- Leadership in campus multi-faith organization, UWO Newman club president, international peer guide and Christian unity commission member, all point towards an active guy, especially for an engineer
- no USC experience, but was on a residence council

Leadership – 0/5
- emphasis on "the spectrum" does not a leader make
- too much emphasis on religion doesn't make for a good student leader and could alienate people (whatever happened to the separation of church and state?)

Quality of Ideas – 1.5/5
- wants more religion and cultural diversity on USC
- suggested revamp of Campus Alcohol Policy, clubs Web site and USC meeting structure already in the works
- 24-hour community service project, a clubs corner in the UCC atrium and a residence project manual are at least original ideas

Presentation – 1/5
- "Myron the Siren" tag is attention-getting but annoying, as is his colour spectrum

Mohamed Al Sabawi - 2/20

Experience – 0/5
- no USC experience or experience as an executive at a residence or club, but he was a member of the Muslim Students' Association for three years
- a fresh face is good, but maybe not this fresh

Leadership – 0.5/5
- wants to be remembered, which is admirable – probably won't be

Quality of Ideas – 0.5/5
- wants to talk to students to formulate ideas, but does not have any of his own yet
- does not know about important issues such as the Orientation Strategic Planning Group or the change in Western's VP-administration, but may or may not know what clouds are made of

Presentation – 1/5
- no Web site, no campaign team, but making the effort to talk to people counts for something

Brook Dyson - 13.5/20

Experience – 3.5/5
- Role of VP-finance on the King's College Student Council is fairly significant due to the council's large budget
- soph and King's councillor experience make for a fairly well-rounded guy

Leadership – 3.5/5
- comes across as a fighter, while remaining level-headed at the same time
- stands up for his ideas and can quickly make a crowd interested in what he has to say

Quality of Ideas – 3/5
- wants to put opt-out process on-line (bus pass, dental plan)
- wants to introduce a Clubs Incentive Program
- some of his ideas, such as shrinking add-drop lines, and reducing intramural fees are simply not feasible
- an advocate of implementing policy that directly affects students, but some ideas are short on details or practicality

Presentation – 3.5/5
- a visible campaign team and a passionate speaker

Paul Yeoman - 14/20

Experience – 5/5
- the list goes on forever, and includes the positions of chair of the Student Caucus on Governance, social science head soph, senator and a variety of other USC positions

Leadership – 2.5/5
- clearly knows the USC, and since he heads the largest campaign team, he's clearly capable of mobilizing people
- persona tends to enforce the view of the USC as a "clique"

Quality of Ideas – 2.5/5
-The Living Campus Project – CityTV anyone?
- many of his other ideas can be classified as either pie in the sky rhetoric, or owe homage to the phrases "been there, done that" or "already doing that"

Presentation – 4/5
- DJ booth and kareoke might be annoying, but they attract attention
- the best slogan and the most visible campaign team
- enough with the noise klackers

Cameron McAlpine - 11/20

Experience – 4/5
- loads of involvement define McAlpine as a well-rounded candidate: from committees to USC councillor to the senate, as well as club and soph work

Leadership – 2/5
- very well spoken, but comes off as arrogant and does not seem to respond well to criticism

Quality of Ideas – 2.5/5
- most of his ideas are already being implemented by this year's current USC Board of Directors, including revision of the Campus Alcohol Policy and the lowering of soph fees
- the involvement data bank sounds like a keeper, but is one of his only original ideas

Presentation – 2.5/5
- a solid campaign team helps a lot
- personal attacks on other candidates may not have come off well throughout the campaign

Neil Uttamsingh - 10.5/20

Experience – 2.5/5
- helped draft a document for on first-year issues during his previous stint as a USC councillor
- president of Alumni House residence adds credibility, but he doesn't have the extensive list of experience that some of the other candidates possess

Leadership – 3.5/5
- definitely the most straight-forward, honest, professional, all-round good guy in the batch
- difficult to determine how hard he'd fight for students on important issues

Quality of ideas – 1/5
- entire campaign platform more or less focussed on communicating with students everywhere and in every way possible – but his ideas have all been said and done before

Presentation – 3.5/5
- everyone likes clean-cut dudes and everyone likes hockey
- good Web site, campaign team and visibility


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