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Kittens and romantic bliss rule

From the far lane
Emmett Macfarlane
News Editor

You might hate Valentine’s Day, detest it when people become philosophical over the pursuit of happiness in life and dread mushy sentiments about being in a loving relationship. At the same time, you can still appreciate the fact that being immeasurably close with someone you care about sure as hell beats the single life.

It’s very important to have a close group of friends, but no matter how many close, platonic relationships one has, nothing can quite match the significance or special connection a person derives when they fall in love with someone.

The most interesting thing about those who view the single life as the greatest thing since they first saw porn, is that as soon as they get into a serious relationship they realize all of the above.

Generally, people who have recently come out of a bad relationship are those who are most vehement about how great it is to be a bachelor or bachelorette (the people, not the stupid reality shows). But eventually, the vast majority of those same people seek companionship because they’ve recovered from the crap they’ve been through and want to find Mr. or Mrs. Right.

And to be frank about it, guys who give props to the single life for all the sex it provides are the guys who just aren’t getting any.
In a completely different vein, some feminists say that being single is better than being in a relationship because it allows them to lead an “individual life.” That’s an angry comment from the “I don’t need a man, I’m so bitter” department.

Of course, that attitude is perfectly acceptable, but the logic behind such an argument is flawed. Couples in solid relationships can live perfectly individual lives, pursue academic or career goals, have different interests and still be secure and happy in the knowledge that they always have someone who will be there for them that they don’t call mommy or daddy (unless they have some sort of freaky fetish, the sick bastards).

Maybe the best things about being in a relationship are the simple pleasures. Only insane asylum inmates cuddle with themselves. And do you really want your best buddy giving you a back rub?

An even simpler pleasure is seeing your loved one’s face light up when you do something to remind him or her they are important to you. Whether it’s a little gift or a similar acknowledgment, your partner’s smile means more than a friend’s smirk.

Then there are the examples of things you can’t do with anyone but a boyfriend or girlfriend (many of which are obvious and, therefore, don’t warrant mention). Whether it’s having a candlelit dinner or buying a kitten together — even if the damn kitten steals your socks, hunts your feet and tries to eat your goldfish — life does not get much better.