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Back off boys; single life is the life for me

Raspberry Beret
Kelly Marcella
News Editor

Ahhh — the single life. I mean, really, what better life is there?

While my roommate, the hopeless romantic, attempts to pass me off as bitter and jaded, I assure you I am neither. I am also very far from being anything closely related to a romantic (insert gagging reflex here). What I can be described as is something of a completely different breed — a realist.

Realistically, who can argue that being single while in university is not the only way to go. After quite a few years of being tied down in serious relationships, I’ve discovered that the single life offers many perks otherwise unavailable to those people who are attached at the hip.

Juggling academics, extra-curriculars and a social life somewhere in between is a task much more easily accomplished without a ball and chain. My life is busy enough as it is, and I prefer not having to answer to or call someone whenever I decide to change what time I’m taking the bus to campus. Thanks, but no thanks.

Independence is perhaps one of the greatest lessons learned by attending university. And no one will ever learn to be competent and strong on their own volition when they are always leaning on someone else. Be bold; stand on your own two feet for a while.
Coupledom is just too much work for what it’s worth. Hey — we’re young and we have our whole adult lives to be serious; don’t start in on it too early. Serious romantic relationships are just added pressure to the already insanely stressful lives we lead.

The best way to fully experience university is by remaining single. Let’s face it, debaucherous good times with your friends are always dampened by the weight of a significant other. How many times have you had to turn down enjoying a couple of drinks with your roommates from first-year because your boyfriend or girlfriend needs you for something? It cramps the little free time we have.

Nothing can replace the importance of solid friendships. Friends are the people that see you through any hellish week at school, shitty day at work or even if you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed — and won’t think any less of you. Facades to keep your significant other happy are tiring and pointless.

Romantic relationships are extremely overrated. The amount of work and effort required is just not realistically worth it at this point in our young lives.

Stop missing out on being able to experience life the way you want to experience it. Get out there, enjoy yourself and stop having to worry about always needing to please someone else.