Volume 96, Issue 77
Friday, February 14, 2003

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They're damn sexy beasts, er, Mustangs

By Jordan Bell, Ryan Hickman and Benjamin Mills
Gazette Staff

An idea floated into The Gazette sports section a few weeks ago. Who are the sexiest and hottest athletes on the campus of Western?

"Sexy" and "hot" mean many different things to many different people, and we wanted to stress that sexy could be long, wavy hockey hair, a chivalrous personality or even the way someone makes a fade-away jumper.

The results of the survey far outweighed anything we could have ever imagined. Our e-mail was flooded with the opinion of various fans of Western athletes. We tabulated the results and uncovered The Gazette readers' and Western fans' All-Hot Teams.

However, to make the experiment complete, we asked the people anointed as "hot" a couple of questions.

What is sexy?

Paul Francis: "Smart and slim – the active short brunettes. I'm tired of blondes."

Jimmy Grozelle: "Athletic, short obviously [Grozelle is 5'7"] and with a sense of humour."

Christian Heffernan: "A thong at the top of the pants. I don't like having someone who will follow you around all the time. I like the girls that don't approach you because I don't like someone throwing themselves all over you at the bar."

Ken Lockhart: "I think sexy has to do with how you feel about yourself. You have to portray who you really are – being real."

Adam Peaker: "I think girls that have lots of confidence, a good sense of humour and that are down to earth and can be themselves... and Jimmy Grozelle."

Jennifer Bain: "A sense of humour and a man who enjoys Bill Murray movies is terribly sexy."

Lauren Cosentino: "A sense of humour – they have to be really witty. I like a tall and dark guy with rock hard abs."

Lindsay Kennedy: "A sense of humour, the eyes and people who don't try to be sexy."

Marcy Reeves: "It's all about attitude. I also like big muscles and height."

Lindsay Whitehead: "Athleticism and confidence."

Are sex and sport intertwined?

Paul Francis: "I think they're definitely comparable because of the appearance of what they're doing. Sports brings a sexy appeal because you have to stay in shape and perform."

Jimmy Grozelle: "They go together for sure because of physical activity, but sex is the furthest thing from anybody's mind when they're on the court."

Christian Heffernan: "Yes. I'll be at a track and field meet and look at someone who is sexy when I shouldn't be."

Adam Peaker: "I think it is. There is always controversy in the papers and it's funny because people are making a big deal about it."

Jennifer Bain: "I believe it is. Unfortunately, sport is connected with image; the image of the body and the image of strength. The media focuses on the body and portrays that as sex appeal, but that is not the epitome of sexiness. Everyone sees sexiness differently."

Lindsay Kennedy: "No, they're not. The media tries to make them intertwined, but they shouldn't be. Pretending sport and sex are the same thing trivializes the efforts of the athletes."


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