February 14, 2003

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Niru Somayajula/Gazette
I LOVE IT WHEN YOU CALL ME BIG POPPA. Math may not be the strong point of most journalists, but these certainly appear to be favourable numbers.

UWO student body reveals all in sex survey

Whether it was simply our ingenious questions, or the student body’s increased interest in sex, responses for the survey this year reached a record high. Thank you to all those who filled out this year’s sex survey.

Student sex lives: the good, the bad and the kinky

Seven stories of sexual experiences.

Gazette editors pick their ideal man/woman

From Gwynnie to Good, and Shakira to Swayze, our editors pick the celebs that make them hot all over.

From the far lane: Kittens and romantic bliss rule

You might hate Valentine’s Day, detest it when people become philosophical over the pursuit of happiness in life and dread mushy sentiments about being in a loving relationship. At the same time, you can still appreciate the fact that being immeasurably close with someone you care about sure as hell beats the single life.

Raspberry Beret: Back off boys; single life is the life for me

Ahhh — the single life. I mean, really, what better life is there?

While my roommate, the hopeless romantic, attempts to pass me off as bitter and jaded, I assure you I am neither. I am also very far from being anything closely related to a romantic (insert gagging reflex here). What I can be described as is something of a completely different breed — a realist.

Chiu on this: Can't live with 'em and I am one

Dear straight girls,

I know the thought has crossed your mind. After John, or Brad, or Mark, or Tom broke your heart when he forgot to call you — or never called you in the first place — you thought “life would be so much easier if I liked girls.” Allow me to let you in on a little secret — it’s not.

Up yer kilt: Take the rocket out of your pocket, but keep the ring there

There are three things in this world that I have never been able to figure out: the accuracy of fortune cookies, how to tell time on a watch without numbers and a phrase I have coined “The Myth of Commitment.”

A recent conversation with a male friend made me seriously examine what really goes on inside the male brain.