Volume 96, Issue 79
Wednesday, February 19, 2003

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Local rockers bring good music home

By Alex Pietrzak
Gazette Staff

Gazette file photo
REVLOVER ROCKS ON. In between jam sessions, the guys of Revlover pose for a pic.

Fans of live rock music are in for a treat Thursday night. London-based rock band Revlover, along with Starlight District and Spare, will play Call the Office in the second annual "Benefit for our Brothers."

The charity show, whose proceeds will go to the Fauna Foundation and the Jane Goodall Institute, will give people the opportunity to check out one of London's most exciting rock bands.

Revlover was formed when friends Mike Lange (guitar/vocals) and bassist Ryan Ferguson were introduced to drummer Jay Bartlett by a mutual friend. On impulse, the three decided to jam together, and, according to Lange, "We just clicked right away."

The band attributes the success they've had so far to the great chemistry that exists between the three members. Their cohesion as a group has enabled them to experiment with their sound, and find their own voice.

"It's something different than what's out there," Bartlett says, when describing the band's appeal.

"We have so many musical influences, that we've been able to create our own unique sound," Ferguson adds.

Those influences range from Verbena and Foo Fighters to the Beatles. The band has been able to fuse these styles into a tight and explosive sound that delivers a memorable performance.

After seven years of playing together, the band is looking to expand their fanbase even further.

"We'd like to be at the point where we can make a living from it," Ferguson says.

The band is encouraged by the recent trend towards rock music on the popular scene. Ferguson hopes this might make more people willing to check out Revlover's brand of rock.

"The fact that more rock music is being played could make people more interested in good live rock bands," he enthuses.

All of the band members agree that it is a love for creating music that has really kept them going thus far. For Ferguson, it's "the hope that you can create something different and new."

Fans of Revlover recognize this passion for music, and it translates into their pure, almost aggressive, music. It's a welcome change from what Bartlett calls the "processed pop-rock" that often dominates the air-waves.

"I think people are sick of one band coming up with a sound, then hearing five more bands imitate it," Bartlett continues.

Revlover's commitment to creating honest music definitely comes through in their live shows. "We play with a lot of passion," Lange says. "We don't just stand around looking bored."

In addition to the raw guitars, pounding bass and ferocious drums, the band has been known to smash its equipment onstage. So, will they be smashing any of their equipment at Thursday's show?

"I can't tell you," Lange says. "You'll just have to come and see."

Revlover plays at Call the Office Thursday night, with Spare and Starlight District. Tickets are $5 at the door, with all proceeds going to charity, and doors open at 9 p.m..


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