Volume 96, Issue 70
Tuesday, February 4, 2003

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Prez race begins, cliches follow

By Kelly Marcella
Gazette Staff

If you like inflated egos, plastic smiles and comical rhetoric, then you're in luck. It's student elections time, and this year's University Students' Council presidential race features six candidates for top dog.

According to Mohamed Al Sabawi, third-year political science student and presidential candidate, he is looking to diversify the USC. "I feel that we need a little change, a little diversity in representation," Sabawi explained, adding he would strive to be an effective middleman between students, faculty and administration.

"My reason [for running] is all about challenging the spectrum," said third-year civil engineering and geography student Myron Belej. Belej said he wants to ensure there is adequate representation for all students on campus, as well as address certain policy and communications issues within the USC.

Brook Dyson, a fourth-year political science student, said he threw himself into the race to provide leadership for students. "I think I'd be a great leader for the students," Dyson said, adding, with the incoming double cohort, student leadership will be incredibly important.

Fourth-year history and political science student Cameron McAlpine said he wanted to use the USC as a vehicle to accomplish things for students. "I think the USC is an organization that can do tremendous things for the student body and it's time to start doing them," he said.

According to Neil Uttamsingh, a fourth-year psychology student from King's College, he is running for USC president to reach out to students across the Western community. "I think it's important for the USC president to get out there," he said.

"I'm running because I really want to help the students at Western," said Paul Yeomen, a fourth-year political science student, adding Western's 125th anniversary and the changes being made for the incoming double cohort will make next year an exciting and important one.

This year's elections will be held for USC president, Social Science Students' Council president and social science councillors, with all other positions having been acclaimed or left vacant last Friday.

USC Election Candidates 2003/2004

Arts President - acclaimed
Mathew Varsava

Arts Councillors - acclaimed
Julia Rady
Don Brodhagen

Health Science President - acclaimed
Jacquelyn Sibley

Health Science Councillors - acclaimed
Jana Masiewich
Quin Hand

Media, Information and Technoculture President - acclaimed
Stephen Swain

Science President - acclaimed
Catherine Mulvihill

Science Councillors - acclaimed
Tim Wilkinson
Nicholas Staubitz
Angela Laughton
Arzie Chant

Social Science President
Brian Whitmore
Kimberly Janssen

Social Science Councillors
Mark Baird
Natasha Collia
Victoria Hollick
David Bissinger
Michelle Manson
Eric Johanssen
Emi Businskas
Mona Aprovz
Casey Antolak
Bernie Scollard
Ryan Dunn
Kathy Robineau
Kelly Nottage
Jordan Green
Jana Masiewich
David Krywenky
Jacob Mksyartwan
Brente Osborne
Julia Kwaston
Natalie Persaud
Dave Peacock
Shane Heywood


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