Volume 96, Issue 71
Wednesday, February 5, 2003

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MOVIE REVIEW: Final Destination 2
Final Destination 2 sucks

Final Destination 2
Directed by: David R. Ellis
Starring: Ali Larter, A.J. Cook, Michael Landes

By Jessica Burgess
Gazette Writer

Shane Harvey/New Line Productions
"MAKE IT STOP, DEAR GOD - MAKE IT STOP!" A.J. Cook (left) and Ali Larter recoil in horror upon watching a final cut of their movie.
If you're into death, you might enjoy Final Destination 2. You might really enjoy it if you're into gruesome, painful depictions of death. However, if you feel that interesting characters and a plot that somewhat makes sense is important for a good movie, you will surely be disappointed.

Rest assured that if you never saw FD1, you will still be able to follow FD2 (by the way, isn't the title Final Destination 2 a bit of an oxymoron?). The movie keeps reminding us of the teenagers who escaped death in a horrible plane crash, only to find death later "catching up with them," killing them off through car crashes, decapitations and other unpleasant methods. The only survivor was Clear Rivers (Ali Larter), who has returned for the sequel.

FD2 tells the story of a young woman named Kimberly, who embarks on a road trip with her friends. After experiencing painfully vivid premonitions of a horrible car crash, Kimberly manages to save herself and the other motorists from such a fate, but her friends nonetheless die in a gruesome fashion.

Kimberly notices the similarities between her situation and the one in FD1, and decides that she and the other survivors have cheated death and are now a part of death's design. She seeks Clear Rivers's guidance for help, who seems to be an expert on fate and death.

Clear and Kimberly, along with a police officer (Michael Landes) spend the rest of the movie trying to escape their pending deaths, and watching the other "survivors" perish in impossible, gut-wrenching ways you may wish you hadn't witnessed.

On every level, FD2 is utterly nonsensical. Explosions seem to happen randomly and spontaneously, for no apparent reason; every moving vehicle catches on fire. In the film's major car crash, the viewer can clearly see that there are no people in the cars, emphasizing the poor planning of the stunt.

The characters are annoying, stupid and impossible to empathize with. You may actually find yourself celebrating when a few characters die, just so that you don't have to put up with them for the remainder of the movie. Death is not the major threat to these teenagers – their idiocy is.

The logic of this movie seems to be that if an accident happens when you are not there (but could have been), you should have died; therefore, death will inevitably catch up with you. FD2 deals with death in a selfish and insensitive way: rather than mourning their friends' deaths, the heartless characters only focus on saving themselves.

The only reason this piece of crap is worth half a star is that it was somewhat creative in coming up with unique ways for the whiny teenagers to die. They are struck down by ladders, impaled with metal posts, crushed by falling building materials, incinerated, decapitated by elevators and severed by barbed wire. If you can think of a more gruesome death, contact David Ellis – he'd probably be interested in ideas for Final Destination 3, which is obviously in the works.

Although death has a set design, it may be possible to throw a wrench in it. At one point in the film, the token, wise black guy tells Kimberly that the only way to stop death is by creating new life. Whoa, that's deep! Why are you still reading this? Stop death! Get out there and procreate, people!


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