Volume 96, Issue 71
Wednesday February 5, 2003

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LAST UPDATED: Wednesday February 5, 2003 - 12:40 p.m.

Who will be crowned king of the USC castle?

Much like contestants of American Idol, Western wananabe student politicos took to the microphone yesterday to begin their quest for student adoration – and votes.

The six University Students' Council presidential candidates took part in an open forum yesterday, to answer questions from the Western community.

Private bill proposes student loan change

A private member's motion to be tabled at an upcoming session of Parliament would have parental contributions eliminated from the assessment process of the Canada Student Loan Program.

Currently, the expected parental contribution – which is calculated based on a parent's annual income – is deducted from the amount a student is eligible to receive when applying for a student loan.

Learning about Islam

If you are anxious to understand the Islamic religion and dispel the myths that surround it, the Islamic Centre of Southwestern Ontario will be holding a public service course on the Islamic religion.

According to Western dentistry professor Munir El-Kassem, this course is intended to educate people who are interested in learning about the Islamic religion.

Last stand against city smoking bylaw

London bar proprietors have one last chance to lobby against an all-out smoking bylaw, which will make it illegal to smoke in all city bars.

Bar owners had an opportunity to voice their opinions concerning the proposed smoking bylaw before City Hall on Monday, and have one more chance tonight.

Al Sabawi calls for change

Mohamed Al Sabawi, one of the six candidates running for next year's University Students' Council president, believes his outside perspective on the USC will aid him as a candidate.

The third-year political science student said that, although he does not have any direct USC experience, he did serve as the Web site co-ordinator on the Income Tax Committee last year. Al Sabawi has also been a member of the Muslim Students' Association for the past three years.


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