Volume 96, Issue 73
Friday, February 7, 2003

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USC councillors get booted

By Emmett Macfarlane
Gazette Staff

Two councillors have been booted from the University Students' Council, leaving the faculty of law without representation.

Faculty president Jen Brusse and councillor Quinn Ross were dismissed at Wednesday's council meeting for poor attendance, after the two went to a combined total of one meeting.

"I consider it most unfortunate for the students of the faculty of law," said Speaker of council Brad Nicpon. "But, prior to this event, they weren't getting any representation anyway."

Because it is the first year the attendance policy has been in place, the process to remove the two councillors was prolonged Nicpon said. Attendance was not examined until about the sixth council meeting, he explained, adding Brusse and Ross had not gone to a single meeting at that point.

Because they had not attended any meetings, they had already accumulated enough demerit points to warrant dismissal, Nicpon explained. When informed, Brusse and Ross complained that they had not received the required warning letters, he said, adding a deal was reached to lower the demerit points.

Following the second chance, Ross attended a single meeting and Brusse none, Nicpon said. "We [then] informed them they were being removed," he said. "They didn't even choose to attend the event in their own defence."

Ross said the demerit points system is not applied uniformly, adding there is a problem with consistency. "I think [the poor attendance] was an eventuality, as a result of personal scheduling," he said, adding he did not want to comment further.

USC President Chris Sinal said this is the first time councillors have been removed this year. He said Brusse and Ross knew they would be dismissed at Wednesday's meeting. "They both sent regrets, but they were aware this would be happening," he said.

It is up to the faculty council to appoint new representatives if it chooses, Sinal said, noting a by-election is not possible.

"I'm sure there are reasons for the representatives not being able to attend," he added.

"We like to see that all faculties have representation," Nicpon said.

Brusse could not be reached for comment.


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