Volume 96, Issue 73
Friday, February 7, 2003

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12 QUESTIONS: Gore Gore Girls
Gore Gore Girls rock Detroit

By Stephen Pizzale
Gazette Staff

Gazette file photo
Melody and Amy of Detroit's The Gore Gore Girls took a few minutes out of their hectic day to answer The Gazette's 12 Questions.

1) What is the best thing about being in an all-girl band?

AMY: Hairspray is always on hand. I'm kidding! Playing with chicks isn't that much different from playing with guys; girls just look better on average.

2) Why is garage rock getting so much hype right now?

MELODY: Because for the last 10 years, pop music has been so fake, manufactured and boring. People are craving a simple, raw form of music that relies more on talent and creativity, rather than studio trickery.

3) Who is your favorite muppet and why?

MELODY: Miss Piggy... because she's tough, she knows what she wants, she looks good, she gets her man and doesn't have a self-image problem, even though she's a little on the heavy side.

4) Why did you start playing bass?

MELODY: So I could be in the Gore Gore Girls. I had been playing guitar for about four or five years, but I saw Amy's ad for a bass player and I took my dad's Fender P out of the basement, learned the Gore Gore Girls' songs and never looked back.

5) What is the best city to play rock 'n' roll in?

MELODY: Detroit, of course. We had a blast all over Europe. But Detroit is where it it's at. If you can get a good, reactive crowd and have a good time in Detroit, then you've accomplished something.

6) Who gets your vote, Christina or Britney?

MELODY: Christina, for sure. That girl can really sing.

AMY: Are you crazy? Britney is the obvious winner. Christina is just a half-rate impersonator! Britney has much better fashion sense.

7) What are Gore Gore Girls doing differently than everybody else?

MELODY: I guess the blend of punk/garage rock with Motown and R&B is not really done by anyone else. Or maybe it is, I'm not sure. I think we have more to offer because we have rock and punk songs, but we also have harmonies and that '60s girl-group style.

8) What was the worst gig you have ever played?

MELODY: Sometimes we think we played terribly, but the crowd loves it. Sometimes the crowd doesn't care, and we think we did great.

9) Which TV reality show is better: The Bachelorette or Joe Millionaire? Why?

AMY: Haven't seen Bachelorette, but Joe Millionaire was great. It's hard not to watch that stuff and I don't watch TV! Those chicks were hilarious! And Mr. Millionaire, you know he's gay!

10) Who is the most underrated musician out there now?

MELODY: I would say Andrew W.K.. I don't think people really realize what an accomplished musician he is.

AMY: I think, and this is crazy, Cyndi Lauper got a raw deal. She wrote all her own material and her voice is amazing, and that slut Madonna has a way better career.

11) What is your take on actors-turned-musicians or vice versa?

AMY: Jennifer Love Hewitt is really giving it her best shot, now that her TV show bombed.

12) What is far and away your favourite song?

MELODY: I could never pick just one song. But one of my favourites is "Black Dog" by Led Zeppelin.

AMY: Can't narrow that down, but [a couple] are "Sweet FA" by Sweet and "Why Do I Cry" by Barry and the Remains.


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