Volume 96, Issue 73
Friday, February 7, 2003

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Sweet Candy Ass Rock

By Abbie Borland
Gazette Writer

The punk rockin', all-female quartet Candy Ass started up in 1998, when lead singer Galadriel and a friend climbed a mountain in upstate New York and conjured up the rock 'n' roll magic that defines the band today.

"We had beer and cigarettes and our dreams, goddamnit," Galadriel states emphatically. "We said if we get off this mountain alive, we are fucking doing it."

The girls have been working really hard these past four years, being featured in Metallica's "Whiskey in a Jar" video and completing a 38-city tour with Pink. But they say they don't believe in overnight success.

"You know the bands you think are overnight success stories have all been playing clubs like Call the Office for 10 frickin' years! Those other overnighters, like Christina Aguilera and shit – you gotta feel bad for 'em," Galadriel adds. "You go through all your growing pains and learn all the hard lessons right in the public eye instead of the dark and dangerous corners of, for example, Call the Office!"

All of the girls have been playing since they were teens, but they have come a long way from singing along with the Donnas and Kiss into a hairbrush while dancing around their bedrooms.

"[Touring with Pink] was a pure rock 'n' roll fantasy, the shit you lay in your bed dreaming about," Galadriel states. However, Candy Ass has had their share of hardships toward this dream.

"We have gotten in fist fights with people who think it's cool to fuck with a girl band, [but] honey, do you know how fun it is to fuck up a guy who has never had his ass kicked by a girl?!" Galadriel exclaims.

Candy Ass takes a playful attitude toward almost everything; for example, their first EP was titled Orgy in response to Orgy's Candy Ass album. Even the name Candy Ass was not meant to be overtly meaningful, but rather just "some funny, sassy shit."

By now, the fine ladies have become known for their sexy punk rock style, but they don't believe there is any place for ridiculing anyone who looks different than they do.

"If you love what you have, then flaunt it. Plain and simple," Galadriel explains. "I am not going to judge Avril Lavigne for covering it up; therefore, she has no right to judge those who take it off. I feel the female body is one of God's most elaborate and beautiful creations – it should be worshipped by its viewers and inhabitants."

"Rough tuff cream puff" is the image the girls want to project, and they want to prove that anyone can make it in rock 'n' roll with the right attitude.

"You can be a bad ass, tough cookie who kicks ass, is fearless and never eats shit, [while being] in stilettos, micro minis and way too much makeup."

Above all else, Candy Ass is preaching the message to all rockin' guys and gals: "Dreams come true if you work your motherfuckin' Candy Ass off!"

Candy Ass is playing Saturday, Feb. 8 at Call the Office with Ruth's Hat, the Collisions, The Gore Gore Girls and HER.


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