Volume 96, Issue 73
Friday, February 7, 2003

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Wave rides into London, washes over Avril

By Christopher Hodge
Gazette Staff

Pampered celebrities listen up – Wave's guitarist Dave Thomson has some sound advice for you;

"If you hate being a rock star, go home, 'cause it's the best job in the world!" Thomson says.

Along with vocalist Paul Giliotti, Wave are on the road to once again win the hearts and affections of soft-pop music enthusiasts everywhere, on the heels of their successful debut album Nothing as it Seems.

Their new album, That's How it Feels, promises to curb any notions that Wave are a musical one-trick pony.

"The more you play, the more you start to develop a fan-base," Thomson says. "After we released the new album, we were amazed by the response. A lot of the people who were coming out to our shows were already singing along to many of the new songs."

Thomson's formula for success is simple: entertain the masses with a grade-A quality rock show.

"The point is to entertain the audience," explains Thomson. "The better you play, the more they will be entertained."

Faced with uncertain odds because of the continuing onslaught of pop-stars competing against each other for fame and fortune on TV, and the continuing controversy surrounding the free distribution of music on the Internet, Thomson still remains optimistic that the future of the music industry is not as bleak as it may seem.

"People got scared there for awhile," Thomson says. "The record companies kept telling us that they were really hurting, and to be hopeful and try and wait things out. Except, the thing is, money generated from touring actually went up last year. I still think there's a big demand to see a band live. Even if you're getting the music for free, you still can't replace that experience, and that's why bands need to get out and tour."

A veteran of the music industry for a whole two years – which by most music industry standards is a milestone – Thomson is quick to dish out some sound advice to newbie rockers like Avril Lavigne, who complain about the woes of being an instant celebrity.

"Just shut up, and enjoy it!" Thomson jokes. "Look at Alanis Morisette. When her first record came out she was pretty young, and you never heard her complain. She went on to produce her second album. There's a true talent there. Personally, I can't see Avril Lavigne producing her next album. Sure, she may be having a lot of fun now, but if you start taking it for granted, it comes right back at you."

Wave will be at London's VIA Rail station for a photo op and "meet-the-fans" session at 11 a.m. this morning.


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