Volume 96, Issue 57
Friday January 10, 2003

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LAST UPDATED: Friday January 10, 2003 - 3:00 p.m.

Western faculty to vote on possible strike mandate

Western faculty members will hold a vote before Jan. 17 on whether or not to give the faculty association the authority to strike.

The decision to hold the strike vote was decided at a meeting Wednesday night, said University of Western Ontario Faculty Association president Paul Handford.

Election saddled with dental plan

Following a unanimous decision by the University Students' Council, the question of adopting an opt-out dental plan will be put to the student body.

Under the first posted motion at the Dec. 4 USC meeting, a referendum will be held as to whether or not the USC should adopt a student dental plan similar to the health plan already available to students, said Chris Sinal, USC president.

Violence ignites concern over Waterloo pub

A bar brawl at the University of Waterloo on New Year's Day has caused the university's administration to take over management of the on-campus bars.
In the early hours of Jan. 1, a fight erupted at a student-run New Year's Eve party at Federation Hall, one of two on-campus bars. Ramsey Hanlon, who was not a student of the university, was beaten by several people in a parking lot outside of the bar.

Car stealin' a celebrated London hobby

Attention Western students: the chance of your car being stolen in London has doubled in the past decade.

A newly released report from Statistics Canada pegged London as having the third-highest car theft rate for cities with populations between 100,000 and 500,000 – with approximately seven or eight cars stolen every day across the city. London has a higher car theft rate than Calgary, Quebec City and even Toronto.

VP-campus issues to act as advocate for student daycare

Western Daycare held a meeting on Dec. 6 to discuss the funding changes that have occurred to daycare services in London.
Nicole Nelson, University Students' Council VP-campus issues was in attendance at the meeting, which included representation from the City of London.


Everybody must get stoned - then drive
Pembroke man wins court battle

Following a recent court decision, Nelly may not need to keep the L's confined to the back of his Benz any longer.

On Wednesday, Rick Reimer, a former lawyer and marijuana activist, was acquitted in Pembroke, Ontario of driving while impaired by marijuana, despite the fact that he continued to smoke his joint as police pulled his car over.

News for Dummies:
Gollum and Avril battle Saddam and Bush for headlines

Although news was so scarce this week that Avril Lavigne's Grammy nominations dominated the headlines, News for Dummies is still here to keep Western students informed in the new year.


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