Volume 96, Issue 58
Tuesday, January 14, 2003

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Bein' real

To the Editor:

With every new year comes change. Last year, maybe you changed the way you did your hair or maybe you stopped driving because of the way cars hurt the environment. We can agree that change is good and I'd like to propose one for this year.

The other day, I took the Oxford 17 east and intended to transfer to the Wonderland 10 in order to get to Western. I got off and, as usual, it was just in time to see the 10 pull away from its stop.

Once again, I missed the 10. Someone else missed that bus as well. It was a lady that I didn't know. She was a little overweight and said she was from out of town, after she asked me about the bus. I told her that we just missed it and that it would be another 30 minutes until the next one. She then pointed up Wonderland a few blocks at a big red apartment building and said that is where she is going. I said that it would be faster to probably walk it. She said she had walked it before and it's longer than it seemed and then sat down.

We took the bus and she got off, like she said, at the red apartment. She was barely on the bus for 2 minutes!

Later that day I thought about my conversation with her and I didn't like what I reviewed.

Firstly, I'd like to address that lady if I could. Lady, if you're out there, I hope you never take that bus from Oxford Street to that apartment. It's only a few blocks, and frankly, you could use the exercise.

I'm not preaching today about staying fit. I'm just telling everyone that I'm only going to be honest with them. Your feelings may get hurt and I'll be sorry, but I'll speak the truth. That is the change that I'll make this year.

No more bullshit – and to you, ya you: quit giving me that bullshit! Tell me when there's a bit of mustard on my face! There may be exceptions, but overall, I'm pretty sure that people deserve the truth. It's time we start bein' real.

Mike Sutherland
Engineering I



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